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    Hacking Pokémon Channel - Exception (ISI) occurred on USB Loader GX (with DML)

    Every time I run Pokémon Channel, I get this error: "Exception (ISI) occurred!" and some code. I looked at the DML Compatibility List and it said, to use the NO Disc Patching. But as I use that USB Loader says it is no longer used. Also it said to use a disc to run the game. I don't have it. Is...
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    Hacking Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (PAL) Hangs on Dios Mios Splash Screen

    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (the pal version) hangs on the dios mios splash screen. i tried shrinking it and keeping the original size, but it still hangs. do you think that this region is compatible with DM? i looked at the compatibility list and it seems like it works, but nobody had...
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    Hacking Fatal Error when loading Animal Crossing on Dios Mios Lite

    I have Animal Crossing on my SD card and every time I start Animal Crossing (the US version) i get this error: "fatal error apploader size is zero" on USB Loader GX. any help? BTW - when I play Animal Crossing (the AU version), I get a green screen. any help here too? I can't get any Animal...
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    Hacking sonic & sega all stars racing buzzes on sumo logo

    everytime i load up sonic & sega all stars racing and reaches the SUMO logo, it freezes anmd buzzes. is this a bad dump? i really need help!!
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    Hacking LoZ TP PAL Black Screen

    the Legend of Zelda TP PAL Verion has a black screen and my controller turns off on WiiFlow on start up. which settings do you use? i tried many combinations!
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    Hacking SSBB Black Screen after 1st battle in sse

    i have another problem, after i win the 1st battle in SSE, i get a black screen. i tried to find a way to fix this and i found this! it even happens in Dolphin! i tired the NTSC-J version and the PAL version and they both do it...
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    Hacking Mario Sports Mix freezes on USB Loader GX

    i can't seem to play Mario Sports Mix on USB Loader GX because everytime i start the game, it freezes! sometimes it freezes so much, i get a loud buzzing sound. any help?
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    Hacking Donkey Kong Country Returns USB Loader "Insert Disc"???

    as i run Donkey Kong Country Returns NTSC game on USB Loader GX, i get this "Insert the Donkey Kong Country Returns Disc" screen. please i love this game! tell me what is going on!
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