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  1. milotic

    Hacking Can't read cartdridge on sysnand anymore

    Hi, I recently updated my sysnand to 11.0.1 and my cartdridges were working fine on sysnand although they weren't working on emunand. I then updated my emunand to 11.0.1 and also updated atmosphere to 0.18.0. Now my cartdridges are working on emunand but not on sysnand and I don't understand...
  2. milotic

    Hacking Blackscreen Atmosphere 9.0

    nothing, can be deleted.
  3. milotic

    Hacking Need help with arm9loaderhax

    Hi, I recently downgraded my new 3ds 10.6 to 9.2 and then I started this guide in order to install arm9loaderhax but I'm stuck at part 5. Like I said on the guide's thread, I tried to launch arm9loaderhax installer as said in the step 27 but I forgot to rename my emuNAND_original.bin file...
  4. milotic

    Hacking Restoring a game that disappeared after restoring emunand

    Hi, I just injected a backup I did from my emunand a few days ago and everything works as before but I lost a .cia game I installed after the backup. And I was wondering if I could get it back without reinstalling it. If anyone knows how I can do this, that would be great :)
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