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  1. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking BluUBomb - A primary Wii U entrypoint via bluetooth

    Can someone help me? I using Linux in VM and always comes this Can't write simple pairing mode: Input/output error (5) Failed to set simple pairing mode Warning: make sure secure simple pairing mode is disabled connecting to host... can't connect to host psm 17: Host is down couldn't connect...
  2. HackerBoy0412

    Tutorial 5.5.2 Browser with 5.5.1 vulnerability [CFW required]

    Give it any way to boot the browser? I have no hax installed and the browser stuck. So gives any news if it possibke to repair it? Thanks
  3. HackerBoy0412

    Give-away Give-Away! Vogek On-Ear Headset

    I vote for the Black one
  4. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking [Tool] Joy-Con Toolkit

    How to Compile this Version?
  5. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking R4i SDHC 2016 doesn't work with NTRboot

    by me come come nor reading and then black screen. what can i do?
  6. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking [RELEASE] WiiVC Injector Script (GC/Wii/Homebrew Support)

    nintendont don't show my games and say that no game.iso in wiivc game
  7. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking Nintendont

    when i start a game comes blackscreen what can i do?
  8. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    New R4I Card with NtrBootHax Preflashed!!!
  9. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Is the r4i gold rts from the right one?
  10. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Works that Card?
  11. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    on my n3ds soundhax not work.When i play the m4a file stay on the screen that the file cannot be played?
  12. HackerBoy0412

    Gaming Post your Switch Friend Codes!

  13. HackerBoy0412

    Gaming Post your Switch Friend Codes!

  14. HackerBoy0412

    Hardware 3ds Botom Screen have Red tint help!

    My 3ds have a Red tint on the bottom screen
  15. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking JNUSTool unofficial GUI mod

    How to download DLC?
  16. HackerBoy0412

    Hacking (Alpha) BFRES Vertex Tool - AKA most Nintendo Models

    Give it a Tutorial for using?
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