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  1. Jack Daniels

    What happend to RTS games?

    both starcrafts still gets updates, and warcraft III and up still get updates. but i feel your pain... try (if you got starcraft 2) mass recall it's a mod but a real good one.
  2. Jack Daniels

    Things you have fixed/modded recently

    still in proces, but installing supercic (with sd2snes mod) and optical out in my snes... takes a bit longer then i expected it to be since i found out the snes used smaller IC-pins then i expected...
  3. Jack Daniels

    Hardware New Joycon Firmware
  4. Jack Daniels

    Hardware New Joycon Firmware

    jig detection, semi bricking the right controller.
  5. Jack Daniels

    What happend to RTS games?

    For what are they the best? You know they demand acces to all of your harddrive no questions asked? You know they demand the right to share your private data with anyone they think might be interested? You know this company kills every good gaming company so they can sell really bad shit? You...
  6. Jack Daniels

    Homebrew Changing HBCs

    the new one doesn't install in the same spot, so it doesn't override anything, it's based on the opensource release of HBC, but forked to work on real HW. should have all permissions set right when installed, only, installing HBCO will not replace HBC, HBC installer was in a bin file if i'm not...
  7. Jack Daniels

    Homebrew Changing HBCs

    my bad, didn't see that it's the opensource release... it only seems to help on WiiU systems though... install the new wad file of the new channel first, then start the wad file of last hbc to use uninstall in wad manager or use Any title Deleter (mod/DB, don't remember wich one is most up to...
  8. Jack Daniels

    GBAtemp Exclusive Weekend Discussion: What would you do if games only released in a digital format?

    A disc or a medium to store it for myself is worth more in some conditions when it becomes rare, a digital download will not ever have this value. If i bought something i wanna be able to sell it as well, not as a package like my whole account but each game separate. I wanna have the guarantee...
  9. Jack Daniels

    Shooting takes place at Florida gaming tournament

    you're right, there's an endless list to expand... but still the point is: shootouts will be there, you can minimize chances by making it harder to get the supplies needed or by better (mental) health control...
  10. Jack Daniels

    EA to host 'Jacksonville Tribute' live stream to raise funds for shooting victims families

    first time in a whole lot o years they are doing possitive, i just don't trust them, how much info do they trace while the stream runs, what part of the collected money ends up in thier pocket... sorry they ruined to much... i don't trust them...
  11. Jack Daniels

    Homebrew Changing HBCs

    what? just update in app... it should do so auto... it overwrites the original version...
  12. Jack Daniels

    Shooting takes place at Florida gaming tournament

    first there's this problem, that as long as people keep sayin' there's evil, there will be shootouts. it's not there! it's a state of mind. if you'll keep sayin' such bullshit you'll make demons around you, you're ignorant to a world around you. there's multiple kinds of people for doing...
  13. Jack Daniels

    Hacking Issues with R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2016. Help please! :0

    Picture please, there're too many clone's that fits the name... need a website, or picture.
  14. Jack Daniels

    Hacking Issues with R4i SDHC Gold Pro 2016. Help please! :0

    you're welcome, it's not a perfect solution, but should do for most common played games.
  15. Jack Daniels

    Super Famicom Vertical Rainbow Lines

    really enjoy the snes as much as you still looking for 2 mod parts to buy for my snes: spdif-out (optical audio) and there's superCIC wanna have this chip both for my snes and for my sd2snes. but it's not as common as it was anymore
  16. Jack Daniels

    Things you collect?

    Hacked snes roms
  17. Jack Daniels

    Hacking Atmosphere or SX?

    depends, wanna pay for no extra's at all except for the USB device you probably only use once? since options it offers seems darn close to be the excact same, except the payed version is with DRM. maybe there's better support... i mean might be that there'll be easier procedure to use the CFW...
  18. Jack Daniels

    Temper beasts!

    He's Garfield
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