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    Gaming will StarCraft II run on my computer ?

    I have the same graphics card as you 1080p monitor, I run max settings like nothing. I also have a better CPU, but if you scroll over a setting for graphics, it'll tell you if it uses GPU or CPU and you can just turn that down.
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    GBAtemp Team Fortress 2 Event

    I think that's kinda expensive for a server. I've been messing with a VPS I own to see how many slots I can get on a TF2 server and it seems to handle 16 fine. That VPS costs me about 20$/yr. You can probably get a cheaper VPS to host a server, maybe 10$/mo, just requires the technical know...
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    Gaming Will these specs be able to run 720p anime ok?

    Probably. CCCP is good. If that doesn't work CoreAVC helps alot but you'll have to buy it. Although you're video card looks like it supports it. This offloads stuff to your video card and plays pretty well you might be able to do...
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    Gaming co-op.portal2.

    I also never claimed that standalone wasn't pirated. I was just explaining that it doesn't require Steam. I can make my copy of Portal 2 standalone, does that make me a pirate?
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    Gaming co-op.portal2.

    Actually standalone copy is called standalone because it doesn't require Steam. If he was using a cracked Steam, then this would apply.
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    Gaming co-op.portal2.

    Why not? I can play CS:S and Left4Dead perfectly fine on a cracked client for example. Portal 2 uses about the same protection. For the record, I do own CS:S and Left4Dead. On Team Fortress 2 I can even have all the items if I crack it.
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    Gaming co-op.portal2.

    It is perfectly possible to be able to play pirated games online. That's what cracked servers are for right?
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    Gaming Portal 2 early release?

    I've got one potato left. Its in Amnesia. I'm screwed.
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    Gaming Garry's Mod Traps Pirates

    I remember pirating Garry's Mod. I bought it a few months ago This also goes for Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, Super Meat Boy, and probably more as games I've pirated at one point or another and purchased eventually. Would I have purchased these games without trying them first? Probably not...
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    Visual novel suggestions?

    Planetarian is pretty short but its nice ef the fairy tale of the two is very pretty
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Visual novel suggestions?'

    Planetarian is pretty short but its nice ef the fairy tale of the two is very pretty
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    Gaming Is PC gaming still worth the investment?

    You'll have some games that will support 360 controllers for example. I use a 360 controller just to play Monday Night Combat because I don't like the keyboard controls. I don't even have a 360, got my friend to get me a wired controller. Not saying you have to, but that's an option. PC games...
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    Gaming Bypass school security

    I use to setup custom installations that were self-extracting winrar into temporary files. I had to use this because the computers were setup to not save anything when they turned off. They could barely handle CS 1.5, but it worked. This was probably harder to detect because of the system where...
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    Gaming japanese text on windows XP

    Can you go to advanced and just change the language there to Japanese? I'm pretty sure that's necessary at one point. Didn't think I had to use Windows CD when I changed the language to a fresh install of Windows XP a few months ago. Worth a try at the very least. edit; iirc it'll ask you for a...
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    Hacking Bricked Acekard 2i

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    Hacking Bricked Acekard 2i

    I decided to try playing some DS today and found out it wouldn't boot my AK2i. I'm running it on a DSL and it shows up as a game with no name and no title. After selecting it, both screens turn white and nothing happens. I've tried flashing the firmware but it gets stuck at "Progress 0%". I've...
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    Anime Thread

    Its SHAFT You can never describe SHAFT
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    Gaming Trying to build a home server

    Yes, looks like a basic LAMP setup, has SFTP to upload files and all.
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    Gaming Trying to build a home server

    FTP might be better as you can upload files more easily. An apache installation is a web server, will let you connect to it.
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    Gaming Vocaloid games for PC? I win. There's song packs too
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