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  1. Delerious

    Square Enix sells off some of its western IPs to Embracer Group for $300 million

    Sometimes I wish that companies would just make dead franchises open source rather than just selling them. I know that some of the franchises sold were big, but most of them are probably just going to collect dust anyway.
  2. Delerious

    Next Genshin Impact update delayed indefinitely

    It's a fun enough game with a decent story, nice visuals and brilliant music! Sadly, the resin, gacha and lack of endgame are its biggest hindrances. Also, when it comes to gameplay, I just don't think it's a game that's meant to be dragged on -- especially for as long as they plan to keep it...
  3. Delerious

    Nintendo Switch firmware update 14.1.1 released

    Spokesperson: Here at Nintendo, we believe in adding loads of new, meaningful features stability to our systems!
  4. Delerious

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 delayed to spring 2023

    I am a patient man. I can wait.
  5. Delerious

    PCSX2 HD texture pack group on GBAtemp

    Looking forward to see how far the Star Ocean one will go. Goodness knows that game could use some love! Too bad nothing can fix the awkward character animations, though.
  6. Delerious

    Covid-19 vaccine

    The way I see it, people need to be responsible for themselves. It's one thing to have made this argument several months ago, but again - at this point, those who have not gotten the vaccine have pretty much made up their minds. If some of the users in this forum aren't able to discern fact from...
  7. Delerious

    Covid-19 vaccine

    The argument for or against vaccines, basically. It just seems like a dead argument at this point. Whoever hasn't gotten the vaccine by now likely never will, and most people have already gotten at least one or two doses, so you know - not a lot of "going back" for them. Just saying, the...
  8. Delerious

    Covid-19 vaccine

    Honest question: How many people really care about this argument anymore?
  9. Delerious

    State of Play - March 9, 2022 - live coverage

    TMNT: Cowabunga Collection Alternative title: Konami FINALLY does something right.
  10. Delerious

    Being very overweight.

    For the U.S. there are several reasons we're all getting fat: Compare the types of jobs that are around these days compared to 60 years ago - the shift went from manufacturing and warehouse jobs to office jobs. Less movement = fewer calories burnt. * On the note regarding office jobs, I tend...
  11. Delerious

    Pokemon Presents February 27th - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced

    Now is a good time to talk about the definition of insanity.
  12. Delerious

    Pokemon Presents broadcast scheduled for Pokemon Day, Feb. 27

    Sadly, when it comes to GameFreak, what any of the O.G. Pokemon fans want, and what GameFreak will actually deliver are two entirely different things. At this point though, the franchise is only built to cater to newer fans and less to the existing fan base. I think it's time we all come to...
  13. Delerious

    Pokemon Presents broadcast scheduled for Pokemon Day, Feb. 27

    Though I'd be irked to see them monetize a Platinum story DLC for BDSP, it would also be nice to see them at least release one before moving onto a Gen5 remake. Not going to get my hopes up, though. It has already been over a year since the Crown Tundra update for SWSH, so a tease of Gen9 isn't...
  14. Delerious

    Elden Ring reviews are out, critical reception ranks it at the highest-rated game of all time on OpenCritic

    The cynicism in this thread is real. Never even tried a souls-like, tbh. Might give this one a try, but it could be a while. Still gotta finish a couple of back-catalog games before I move onto something new.
  15. Delerious

    Crunchyroll brings its anime streaming service to the Nintendo Switch

    BotW2 is still confirmed for 2022. Doubt Nintendo will be surprising us with any new consoles for a couple years, too, given we're still (very slowly) coming out of the chip shortage. But yes, this is something that should have been done the first year or two of the Switch's release - along...
  16. Delerious

    Capcom announces 'Street Fighter 6' and 'Capcom Fighting Collection'

    More pumped about the classic collection! I just don't care much for modern Street Fighter. But maybe that's just my millenial brain gradually turning boomer.
  17. Delerious

    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    I've not had COVID, nor have any of my family or friends. But I have coworkers whose family members have had it. One of the MAs I work with at the clinic lost his sister and his favorite nephew to it - both unvaccinated. I've never really been on the skeptic side of the vaccine itself, only of...
  18. Delerious

    Kingdom Hearts series launches on the Switch this February, available only through cloud streaming

    The ultimate challenge: Beating Sephiroth and Lingering Will with 100+ latency.
  19. Delerious

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out this March

    Highly considering this one. I actually haven't played any Kirby games since Epic Yarn.
  20. Delerious

    Amazon's Fallout TV show gets showrunners, Johnathan Nolan on board to direct first episode

    Okay, but the main character better have his Pipboy playing the local radio station at all times, or it's not immersive.
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