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    Nintendo Switch firmware 14.0.0 released, finally adds folder support

    I've seen that this one also brings another joycon update, does anyone actually keep track of what those controller updates actually does?
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    Play your Sega Genesis games in widescreen with the new experimental Genesis Plus GX Wide emulator

    It's not the same thing. The options on emulator of older consoles just get the same image and upscale it after it's rendered (and if you change the aspect ratio the images will get distortion). These patches/new emulators try to render more of the same game on the sides so you can use on...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE NSC_Builder. Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder. (Game+updates+dlc in a single xci)

    I know already that it isn't working. I'm asking for help to make it work. EDIT: I got the python version (using with 3.7.1 python). Seems to fare better now. However I'm having trouble to convert the base games (I'm dumping them using tinfoil, running SX OS 2.9.5 beta, sysnand fw 10.0.2). It...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE NSC_Builder. Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder. (Game+updates+dlc in a single xci)

    Hello. I'm trying to use NSC_Builder for the 1st time. Machine is a updated windows 10 x64. When I try to use the 1st or 2nd option of NSCB.bat the screen will redraw the options screen and scroll it indefinitely. When I try dragging and dropping any nsp or dir it shows the success screen but I...
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    The EverDrive GBA X5 Mini is now available to order

    It would cost the same, the GB/GBC emulators use GBA hardware, the everdrive x5 is programmed to chainload the GB/GBC rom and the emulator together so you won't need to create GBA packages that contains both the roms and the emulators. Unfortunately for DS lite users it will still stick out...
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    Software Infinity 2.0 released for the PSP, allows for persistent CFW on all models of PSPs on 6.60 and 6.61

    What are the differences between PRO and ME CFW regarding 6.61? Any of them works better/easier with emulators over the other option?
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    Report: Nintendo will be allowing free Joy-Con repairs, will refund those who paid a fee previously

    I only hope that they also repair other damages. I had one right joycon with a defective SL/SR flat cable that I gave to a friend so he could cash it on a gamestop (they were buying used joycons even with problems), now if it can be repaired for free it would be better.
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    Nintendo JP claims they will not be censoring third party Switch games, as it inhibits the industry

    CERO only allow nipples on Z rated games. Z rated games can't be published to home consoles.
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    Gaming This user cannot play this software

    You can use DevMenu to remove DLC individually, the only problem is knowing what DLC to delete through it.
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    Homebrew Deleted the 0000001.sav file on a game and now I get an ErrDisp error with error code 0xc8804478

    Are you sure that it was a "0000001.sav" file and not a "" one? The latter would be one file from the actual game installation, requiring that you reinstall the CIA.
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Request: Guilty Gear [0100C8400B248000] Either unlimited life for p1 or p2 or unlock all characters code (Testament, Justice and Baiken available for vs mode).
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    Homebrew RELEASE emuiibo - MitM'ing NFP services for Amiibo emulation

    Amiiswap is a tool that let you choose a specific amiibo that emuiibo will load.
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    "Sonic 3 - Angel Island Revisited" full game released

    You can't, this is a PC "custom emulator" tailored to bring improvements on S3&K, it's different from a ROM hack. But you can try downloading a genesis core for retroarch and emulate Sonic 3 Complete, that's actually a very good ROM hack of S3&K with lots of welcome changes.
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    "Sonic 3 - Angel Island Revisited" full game released

    Not needed. A ROM created through good dumps will suffice (the game will ask for it's location). Buying it in steam is just the easier way to get it legally.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Switch Backup Manager 1.0

    No dice, Switch Backup Manager 1.2.1 still uses the base game name even though my titlekeys.txt seems to be properly formatted. Titlekeys (with non zeroes key entries removed from print) SBM settings to use titlekeys.txt checked. Custom nsp naming, CDNSP GUI Format also defaults to base game...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Switch Backup Manager 1.0

    Does anybody knows how I can add the dlc description to a NSP instead of only the base game name? Example: There's a A.O.T. 2 DLC named Costume Set "Japanese New Year", I want something like A.O.T 2 - Costume Set ""Japanese New Year"" [DLC][{titleID}].nsp instead of only A.O.T 2 [DLC][{titleID]}.
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    Hacking Does the version 6.1.0 Firmware has issues with SX OS CFW?

    Can you name the tool that broke the XCI? So we can avoid it.
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    Hacking Does the version 6.1.0 Firmware has issues with SX OS CFW?

    Everything working fine with 6.1.0 and SXOS 2.2.1 beta.
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    Hardware I fixed my L Joycon the weirdest way

    Hitting the controllers is an official troubleshooting in Nintendo site for a long time.
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    Hardware I fixed my L Joycon the weirdest way "Check the motion sensor functionality by holding the Wii Remote with the button side down. Without using much force, tap the button side of the remote against the palm of your...
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