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  1. slaphappygamer

    Things you recently bought or got

    Caught a motherfucking gopher. THEY ARE RIPPING UP OUR GARDEN!! They are in the trash now. #EasyComeEasyGo #NoPic
  2. slaphappygamer

    Things you have fixed/modded recently

    Just fixed a pencil sharpener. It wouldn't sharpen anything. Someone (an 8 year old) tried to sharpen the eraser of a pencil. I took it apart and fished the eraser out of there.
  3. slaphappygamer

    Things you recently bought or got

    Deck is a fitting name. Skateboard deck!
  4. slaphappygamer

    Thread for Random Stuff

    I don’t think bug zappers would be very effective with these little assholes. They aren’t very interested in chasing light, like moths. An electric fly swatter might be a better weapon. That way, you won’t make loud clapping sounds at night.
  5. slaphappygamer

    Things you recently bought or got

    Just “bought” a medium mocha from Peets. I say “bought” because I used a gift card. Add whip? YES, PLEASE!
  6. slaphappygamer

    Things you recently bought or got

    I got this kit for my bike. A nice little upgrade from my previous controller that only maxed out at 18 amps. I have this capped at 20mph and the amps limited to 22. I can feel the difference in the torque, going uphill. Ended up cheating on my bike. I rode to get tacos, then on the way home, I...
  7. slaphappygamer

    AYANEO announces new lines of handheld gaming PC

    FINALLY, a gaming handheld PC!
  8. slaphappygamer

    ... --- ... / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / .... . .-.. .--.

    LiteBrite has come a long way.
  9. slaphappygamer

    Feedback How can I be a Reporter?

    I think you need to get banned and come back as staff. No, wait. That’s how to become a lawyer
  10. slaphappygamer

    Fish is garbage.

    Talking about fish garbage, not hott garbage.
  11. slaphappygamer

    Fish is garbage.

    Nope. F that. Tuna, salmon, mutuerluving eel. Nope on a rope!
  12. slaphappygamer

    Your best "what does this button do" story?

    Making mistakes is how we learn and grow. :)
  13. slaphappygamer

    Tutorial How to kill a god I mean WiiMiiSwitch

  14. slaphappygamer

    Is Spongebob a furry?

    SpongeBob WetPants
  15. slaphappygamer

    Fish is garbage.

    Plenty of fish in the trash! All fish is trash garbage. I’ve tried cod, halibut, swordfish, red snapper, rock cod, shrimp, lobster, catfish, trout, mahi mahi, crab, someotgerbullshit fish. I’m always wanting dinner after.
  16. slaphappygamer

    Low radiation gaming

    That is not my account. Twitter is an imposter. Satellites are already in place to configure this new console. Rather than The Cloud, uploads will be made to Milky.
  17. slaphappygamer

    Fish is garbage.

    Fish. All fish is garbage. It’s not filling. It smells like trash. It looks like shitty cat food that has been tossed in the garbage, then put on a plate for your enjoyment. Cats will laugh at you (you know the type). Fish is horrible, but I eat it anyway because my body needs variety. Fish is...
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