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    Hacking Parental contrrols on banned Switch

    Is there any homebrew to set up parental control password and usage time limits on a banned Switch where i can's set it up via mobile app?
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    ROM Hack Question How to setup parental controls on switch with incognito

    I have switch with kefir+atmosphere+hekate. I also installed incognito. I added linked account with kefir to access games like SNES collection I'd like to set up parental controls via mobile application but i can't do it because switch gives me 2142-0224 error when i try to pair it with mobile...
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    Hacking Question Can't access homebrew menu

    I think i've done a very stupid thing. I had about twenty games installed, all via tinfoil. Now, for some reason (aka stupidity) i thought tickets listed in tinfoil are just for reference, so i deleted them all. Now, for every game i try to run, i get the infamous "cheking if software can be...
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    ROM Hack Can i inject save state from Snes9x into .cia?

    Hello Let's say i've been playing a game via Snes9x (o3ds) for a while and using Save slot#1 all along. Would that be possible to take that snes rom and somehow, using injection/forwarding tools, make it into .cia with existing Snes9x save state? Hopefully it wasn't too confusing
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