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    Anybody here know about Email error 550: Service unavailable?

    This is possibly a question for another forum on another site, but given the number of tech savvy folk here, I wonder if anyone can help me out... I’ve had an ongoing issue with a company of solicitors who misused my personal data. I’m chipping away at it, but they’re dragging feet and making...
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    Hardware Good budget monitor with HDMI for a laptop (graphic design)

    Looking to buy my partner a monitor to connect to a laptop via HDMI. She’s into graphic design and says the most important thing is the colour being correct. Looking to have my cake and eat it, as far as possible. So what are your recommendations, without spending too much cash? Cheers.
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    New gateway firmware....

    Today we are proud to present a new firmware update: Gateway Ultra 3.4! Summary: * Fixed new antipiracy check * Improved firmware spoofing After we noticed issues surrounding some of the latest game backups not functioning as 3DS files but working just fine as CIA files, we decided to...
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    Hacking Gateway save files for eshop VC .3ds files

    i've found a lot of Eshop VC roms as .3ds files recently. They work fine, however if I load another game or switch off the console, the save file becomes corrupt and resets when I reload the rom. Have tried it with 5 roms and 2 SD cards. Normal retail roms work and save just fine. Any ideas?
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    Hacking Gateway save files keep corrupting

    I've recently added a couple of games to my gateway sd card. They work fine, but when I shut down and go back to them, the save files are corrupted. The games are Pokemon X (I know a lot of folk have troubles with this one) and 3D Outrun (as a .3ds file, not .cia). I wonder is it because I...
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