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    Hacking Changing Emunand filesystem

    Hello guys, I have an original 4.1.0 Switch and have been using it with sysnand CFW and AutoRCM. I decided to rollback to it's original firmware and start a emunand CFW to play it safer. But as you know, 4.1.0 only accepts FAT32 and I really would like to run this emunand in ExFat. Is it...
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    Hacking Firmware rollback to create EMUnand

    Hello friends, I have a specific question. I have an 4,1 firmware Switch that I have been updating offline, AutoRCM enabled on SYSnand since them. As we can make EMUnand now and it's so much safe, I was thinking to rollback my first NAND backup and let it remain the "original Switch" as low...
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    Homebrew WIP Freebird - Switch Clock Speed Control Sysmodule

    Totally N00b overclocking question: I got that the clock speed will improve the game speed, but can it be changed to maintain the game speed regular with improved FPS?
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    Hacking [IMPORTANT] PSA: AutoRCM battery warning

    So, reading all the topic, I can conclude that: - Auto RCM (black screen) doesn't charge the console; - After payload, it changes normally with the console ON; - It charges in standby mode normally; - If you turn it off normally, it doesn't charge; - If you turn it off by pressing POWER for 12+...
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    Hacking install NSP via USB

    Does this USB install let aside FAT32 or ExFAT restrictions? I'm stuck on FAT32 and was looking a better way to install larger games on Switch...
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    Hacking Share your custom Hekate bootlogo thread

    To match the wonderful retro ReiNX boot logos from xx_, here is my contribution:
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    Hacking Safe ways to update Switch?

    Yeah, actually I was referring something like a lack of information so bootloader wound't be able to burn fuses. I'm one of those who have read all the information of how it's safe to use ChoiDujourNX and AutoRCM but still fears to use it. So I'm hopping we get a even safe way to...
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    Hacking Safe ways to update Switch?

    I'm probably asking too much, but is there any chance in the future to have ChoiDujourNX disabling the burning fuses function when installing firmware?
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    Tutorial How to get exFat working on any custom firmware

    Hey guys, anyone else used the same update (Ex: 4.1 to 4.1 EXFAT) and checked if it really doesn't burn fuses?
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Oh, I was thinking that the version of ReiNX was directly related to the sysnand firmware, that one SHOULD walk beside another one! (Ex: ReiNX 0.7.2 to work on and only to 5.1 nand firmware) So I can install the lastest version of ReiNX on my current firmware with no worries as it will "partly"...
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    So, even if I install the ReiNX 1.7 on my current 4.1 firmware, it will just don't give me all the functionalities until I update the "non-fused" firmware 6.0 from ChoiDujourNX? Or do I need to install an older ReiNX version related to my older firmware?
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    So, I'm on stock 4.1 firmware... to run the lastest ReiNX build I have to update it for real?
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    Hacking RELEASE [Official] ReiNX thread [DEAD]

    Guys, I have a question... does the ReiNX updates the SYSNAND or it only emulates the lastest firmware on a old one?
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Well, I got these data from some posts... I was hopping some small improvements like solving the cracks on some units, for example (unfortunately I cant post any link to show the problem, but there's a post about it in NintendoLife).
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Hello guys, I'm willing to buy a Switch and, of course, I already know the models that can be hijacked. But, in terms of issues improvements (most hardware and project adjustments, like the problem with the left joycon), which is the recommended version? The bigger (until 1007) is better? The...
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    Hacking New Nintendo 3DS and Flashcarts

    Please correct me if I'm wrong... but if you have a Gateway 3DS you don't need a R4 to run DS games and emulators, right? It can run almost everything...
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    Hacking I have a 9.0 N3DS , what can I do with it?

    Guys, I just got N3DS 9.0 and a really cheap Cubic Ninja. I thought to buy Gateway to play NDS and 3DS in a same card, and all that stuff about firmware updates and new anti-piracy code. Is this the best thing? After all three in hand: - Launch NINHAX exploit - Backup NAND by Gateway (should I...
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