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  1. TerminatorAli01

    Homebrew Wii vc injector

    I have an issue when i want to play 2 players in wwe 13 i have already used techmoons wii vc injector to turn the game into a wup file and played it several time using the wii u game pad and wii mote + nunchuck seperatly but now i want to use both to play 2 players but when i use the wii u game...
  2. TerminatorAli01

    Homebrew install wii u games from a usb to nand

    anyone know how to install wii u games from a usb into the nand i already have the install folder containing the game on the usb but i dont know what to do next i have a sd card of 16 gb and my game is 17 gb thats why i want to use a usb instead of having to buy a new sd someone plz help
  3. TerminatorAli01

    Homebrew Downloading games on linux

    Does anyone know of a way to download games on linux like for example on windows you can use wii usb helper of utikdownloadhelper (dont know if names are accurate sry) i was wondering if their is an app to help me do that without using wine plz help
  4. TerminatorAli01

    Homebrew Freeshop

    Anyone knows if the wii u has something similar to freeshop on the 3ds where you can download the games directly from the console? Kind of knew to this jeje sry already know about downloading the games from a computer and then installing them unto the wii u but want something to install it...
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