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    Open-Source BIOS files for PS1 and SEGA-CD?

    Is it possible to make open-source BIOS files for these systems, especially since it was done for the GBA? There are a few SEGA-CD games I'd love to get my hands on, but I REALLY don't wanna have to go out of my way to buy a SEGA-CD console just to dump its BIOS, and being the legit gamer I...
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    Gaming Making a certain XBLA game "DRM-free"

    I own Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting for XBLA, and I wanna be able to make it pretty much DRM-free, so I can play it on accounts other than my own. I'm able to copy the entire game to a flash drive and transfer it between systems, so that's a good start. I heard there's no way to mod 360s...
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    CPU VS. CPU in Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES) using Cheats not working

    Remember the Tournament Mode in the SNES/Genesis version of Super Street Fighter II that allowed (limited) CPU VS. CPU matches? I do. I love it, and I've always wanted that feature in Champion Edition/Hyper Fighting... Today, I just stumbled across a video that shows off CPU VS. CPU in the SNES...
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    Emulation Getting Link Cable Emulation (LAN and Local Mode) working correctly in VBA-M 2.1.4 (Windows 10)

    I'm using VBA-M 2.1.4 on Windows 10 (as well as MacOS library computers) to emulate Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival and Street Fighter Alpha 3 with the purpose of putting them on a thumb drive and playing them on any computer I have access to (mainly library computers). I do have two...
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    Dumping Batman Return Of The Joker using Kazzo NES Dumper

    I'd like to dump Batman Return Of The Joker (NES) so I can legally add it to my portable Batman archive. I've got Kazzo NES Dumper, but it doesn't look like the program it uses to dump cartridges to ROMs (anago) doesn't support the mapper the game uses ( Sunsoft 5 (69)). Any suggestions on what...
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    Very cheap NES and SNES flash carts for Very specific needs

    OK, so here's what I want: Two NES flash carts for three games (TMNT I, II Arcade, and III Manhattan) -and- Two SNES flash carts for two games (TMNT Turtles In Time, and Tournament Fighters) Why two? Because I have two of each system and I want a cart for each copy of each system. I want to be...
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    PS1/2 PS2: Reassigning Controller Ports?

    Is it possible to reassign the PS2 controller ports on the system to act as, say, controllers 3 and 4? Why do I want to do this? Because for the TMNT arcade game on TMNT2 Battle Nexus, as well as Turtles in Time on TMNT3 Mutant Nightmare, the four turtles (like the actual arcade machines) are...
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    Hacking How do I safely un-hack my PS3?

    Never mind. Delete this thread please.
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    Capcom Coin-Op Classics Series 1 (Street Fighter)

    Hey there, I bought Capcom Coin-Op Classics Series 1 so I could legally own the MAME ROM for Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting. I got the disc and the ROM is indeed on there. The CD also includes World Warrior and Champion Edition (which is great because I was hoping to have all three versions...
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    Hacking Help with getting WWE '13 to work in NeoGamma via USB

    All right, I've got an 8GB USB flash drive, which I already formatted to WBFS format and have my WWE '13 ISO on. I've got NeoGamma R9 b56 on my Wii modded with "d2x56v8final (249)". Every time I try to run the game off of USB mode, it goes "No WBFS Partition found" or "Number of tries...
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