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    Homebrew Twilightmenu- close ds help

    Hello, I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong location. I am stuck on phantom hourglass where I am trying to copy the sun symbol and I’m supposed to close the DS I am closing it but the symbol isn’t copying. It’s like when it’s closed the ds isn’t going into sleep mode. Please tell me...
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    Hacking Question Unhacking switch

    This is probably a stupid question but with all the brick software circulating and lack of meaningful Homebrew as well as no coldboot released/ frequent crashes. I’m wanting to just unhack my switch. I’m currently using SX. How would I go about to “unhacking” it so that it would be safe to use...
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    Homebrew Twilightmenu++ theme problem

    I am using twilightmenu++ and changed the theme to the r4 theme now I no longer have a settings icon so I can change it back to the original theme. Can anyone help? SOLVED NOT SURE HOW TO DELETE THIS. The solution was just to press the start button *hangs head in shame* thank you rocketrobz
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    Hacking Need help picking out a DS flashcart

    I have a new 2dsxl with luma CFW 11.8 I have been looking into getting a flashcart that plays nds Roms and I am so confused about it all. I’m looking for one that doesn’t have a timebomb and is fairly user friendly. ANY help is appreciated I have tried researching and the more I read the more...
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    Homebrew Discussion Anybody interested in a hombrew amiibo spoofing app?

    I feel like this could pretty easily win the bounty for homebrew. Something similar to tagmo but for the switch where you keep the amiibo bins on the sd card and restore them to tags
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    ROM Hack Question Does splitting XCIs effect load times?

    I’m on Fat32 to avoid corruption so I’m splitting some of my larger XCIs in your experience does it effect load times or is it the same as an unsplit XCI?
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    Hacking Discussion Anyone else getting game freezes using sxos 2.0

    Ever since I updated to sxos 2.0 this morning my games have been freezing up causing me to do a hard reset every time. I’m using trimmed and split XCIs on a FAT32 Sandisk sd card if it matters. Just curious if anyone else is having this problem? Any ideas on a fix?
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    Hacking Discussion Anyone know what causes white icons SXOS

    Read a few different threads but no one every had an answer about this issue. Some XCI files when split for FAT32 such as Crash Bandicoot appear as a white icon with an unknown developer. The game still launches but its just a bit bothersome. Anybody have any ideas as to why its just specific to...
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    Homebrew Discussion What brand is your eXfat formatted SD card did it corrupt?

    Apparently SanDisk SD cards have a 16mb unallocated partition which sandisk has this to say about "You may leave the 16MB unallocated space as it is. A portion of the total capacity is used to store certain functions including optimizations of the memory that support performance and endurance...
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    Homebrew Question Is exfat compatibility still an issue?

    Hey guys I’ve been using retronx with an exfat formatted sdcard. I’ve read a few threads about exfat corruption but it hasn’t happened to me... yet. The threads I read were a few months/weeks old. Is this still an issue? Has it happened to you?
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    Hacking Question about updating firmware from game cart

    so hypothetically if I wanted to update to firmware version 6.0 and I was cdn banned could I just rent a game that requires 6.0 firmware and install the update from the cart in OFW? I’ve looked into Choi Dujour but it seems very complex and I’m not concerned about fuses. Thanks for any info you...
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    Hacking Can I delete the license request.dat?7

    I have sxos and have the actual license on the root of my sd card. Everything works great but as a bit of a eccentrist I was wondering if it would be safe to delete the license request file since I already own a license? Thank you guys in advance! :)
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    Hacking Dstwo plugins help!

    Hey guys, I'm having some problems with some dstwo plugins. The ones I want specifically are gameyob and NESds. The problem I am having is when I download gameyob plugin it is in rar format and no program I have is able to unpack it. So I thought id try lameboy instead and when I unpack lameboy...
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    ROM Hack Do .3ds roms come with public headers?

    Hey everyone, long time reader first time poster, I am trying to gain a pretty thorough understanding of private and public headers. I have read just about every other post about them but i had one question which wasn't answered. I have a sky3ds+(v112) and a powersaves and i know how to get the...
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