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    Hacking I have been away for 6!

    Hi all, I have nto downloaded a rom for over 6 months so I am tottally clueluess as to what updates/software changes etc have taken place in this time. My usual rom site I used to use seems to be down, so I tried another. All I get is white screens when i try to run roms. My hardware is a ds...
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    Hacking Please Help! - Comic Book DS

    Hi all, I want to try and get Comic Book DS working on my supercard lite (rumble) but I am getting no joy at all! I have tried all 3 of the supplied .nds files and have also tried patching with DLDI the original .nds file. I am then putting the DLDI patched .nds file on the root of my card...
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    Hacking Moonsell and movie problem

    Hi all, I am just getting to grips with Moonshell at the moment. I have installed the latest version and can happily play mp3's and view photo files. I am having some problem with movie files though. I have converted movies to .dpg using dpgtools and batchdpg. I can play the files using...
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    Hacking Moonshell 1.71 and Super Card Lite (rumble) probs

    Hi all, today I thought I would have a go at setting up moonshell on my supercard lite rumble. Everything seemed to go ok but when it installs on the micro sd card it doesnt install a _BOOT_MP*.nds file as the help file suggests it would. Instead it installed something different (was called...
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    Hacking Supercard Lite Rumble & Local Multiplayer Connecti

    Hi all, Just got my DS lite, supercard lite rumble and superkey for christmas. Everything works great and I have had no problem at all playing games. I tried however to link it up with my little brother's original big DS so we could play local wifi multiplayer games such as Mario Kart...
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    Hacking DS, Super Card, Roms and playing Online

    Hi all, I am hoping to get myself a DS in the near future and plan on getting a Super Card to use with it. Is there any issues playing Roms online via the wifi?
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    Hacking Advice for a Novice

    Hi all, I think there is a possibility that I might be getting a NDS Lite for my birthday this year. I am a total novice to the whole thing. I am reading through the guides and as much information as possible but its so much to take in when you dont know much about the background of the...
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