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    Hacking Does the g6 Lite software work on Mac?

    (*) using the g6 lite software on my macbook pro, running xp under parallels in osx. it works fine
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    Let's talk about piracy

    do they have supercards by canal street?
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    R.I.P. Stargate SG-1

    i love scifi, but i hate sg1, atlantis is alot better but still the same problems exist BAD ACTORS dragging both those shows down, since the 2 farscape cast members joined it has been alot better, the 200th episode was really cool but the 201 ep TOTALLY SUCKED.. atlantis is anoter story...
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    Hacking do only black ds lites have yellow touch screens?

    why did it have yellowing??? i dont know why it just came that way, if you read my post i already toldthey swapped them with no problem at the nintendo world storein NYC. i didnt have to send it anywhere, i just brought it to them and told them give me a new one. they did both times no problem...
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    Hacking do only black ds lites have yellow touch screens?

    WOAH!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! are you serious? DAMN!! what store was that? another thing is that liksing one might have the hori protector on it i am only saying that cuz it does make a simiar color for the entire screen when i had yellowing it was only on top, is yours full screen yellowing?
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    Hacking do only black ds lites have yellow touch screens?

    defectson touch screen only my first ds lite white bad pixel 2nd one yellow screen 3rd one perfect for months no yellow at all it was really annoying in brain age, with the white backgrounds, it looked bad.. its not easy to see at first they swapped them for me with no trouble at the nintendo...
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    Hacking Dustcover Mod

    can we see some pics of your mod?
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    Hacking My G6 Lite Experience Thus Far

    33hoops and AC work perfectly on g6 lite where did you get that info? also moonshell ndsmail (without save) dslinux (with text browser) ds2key beup nitrotracker ds2win slyphirc draw3 all run on chinese g6 lite in english fine.
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    Hacking save backup with g6 lite?
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    Hacking g6 lite with draw3 homebrew

    i do not know how to take pictures ive saved off the g6 made with draw3 or if its even possible does anyone know? is it not possible? also moonshell ndsmail (without save) dslinux (with text browser) ds2key beup nitrotracker ds2win slyphirc draw3 all run on g6 lite
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    Hacking save backup with g6 lite?

    trimming has not caused me any problems with g6 lite.
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    Hacking Other roms can't be played on my G6.

    i have the same problem . only nes works, no sms or pce
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    Hacking New G6 Update 4.1a

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    Hacking New G6 Update 4.1a

    im using 4.1a , does anyone know what this screen says?. im getting it at boot up and goes away after 2 seconds everything seems to be working fine.
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    Hacking 100% g6 lite chinese ==> english

    is there any other way to flash other then using gba mode when i try no matter how, it always locks up when i try to update
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    Hacking Just got the G6 Lite... NEED HELP!

    does anyone have the problem of the g6 lite locking up whenever u try to update it? a 7 and a 1 come on the screen and it locks with whatever version of the loaders i use it dont matter this screen is what comes up and locks at
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    Hacking wheni update firmware it locks and shows a 1 & 7

    from 4.0a to 4.0c chinese or 4.1 it gives me this strange screen after i click YES, a 1 and a 7 come up looks like an error and then it locks up any ideas? THIS IS THE LOCKING UP SCREEN that screen is backwards but.. notivce the 1 and 7 that comes up... ive tried formatting it and doing...
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    Hacking g6 lite, currupt menu background color

    my main menu color is all messed up after i installed some roms IMAGE OF MENU anyone have this problem too?.. then u try to update firmware with the cd version it came with i press YES and then it locks up a 1 7 comes up and it just locks up this is the CHINESE version runing 4.0a...
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    Hacking DS Lite Silicone Case

    this case is pretty cool i have one, they have them on ebay fits perfectly after i warmed it up a little, snaps right on and off
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    Hacking G6 lite first impressions

    how do you change the image on the top? does the g6 lite have problems with animal crossing? thanx for all the help
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