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    Replay for Life

    Hey guys, figured I'd go ahead and post this here as something fun for everyone to watch today. The student organization I run here at my university will be doing a charity fundraiser for Relay for Life that we are calling Replay for Life. It's essentially a speed-run charity, and we have a...

    Hacking WiimoteLib Mod with Wii U Pro Controller Support

    Hey guys, A month or 2 ago I went ahead and updated Brian Peek's WiimoteLib with support for the Wii U Pro Controller. I was unable to get a hold of him (Contact form is broken?), so I've put it on Github under his original license. For those interested, you can check it out at the link below...

    Homebrew Nintendo DS Assembly Inerpreter

    Hey everyone, So, I just finished a simple Assembly Interpreter for the Nintendo DS/DSi. Got the idea from a professor who made one in php for a class of mine, so I made one in C :) I've put it online for anyone who wants to download it, as well as the source code for people to look at. It can...

    Homebrew Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock DS

    Long time since I've posted any sort of projects. Been trying to go back and work on a few, sadly school and work have prevented that. A few months ago one of my friends requested this as a game, and I recently managed to go through and make it in a few hours. Not a whole lot to it, and while...

    Homebrew Super Mario World Clone

    Hi, I did a little bit of DS homebrew a while back, and haven't been very active since. Trying to become more active now, and part of that was me trying to start a Nintendo DS/DSi game engine. Currently, it's going very well, and I have been testing on my DS using a flash card, and on my DSi...
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