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  1. NeoRame

    Hacking Animated Channels/Channel edits by NeoRame

    ok now im done. for infos about the channels take a look to the spoilers. all channels are not created by me (except the USB loader channel). i only changed some gfx.... NES SNES Sega Mega Drive WiiXplorer BONUS
  2. NeoRame

    Hacking NeoRame´s SoftChip Linking Channel

    ok guys here is my version of "SoftChip Linking Channel" by WiiShizzza and SpaceJump Whats new??? -sound -banner -inons icon banner Download Pack (included 4:3 and 16:9 version): NeoRame´s SoftChip Linking Channel hope you like it, thanks goes to WiiShizzza and SpaceJump for the...
  3. NeoRame

    Hacking menu rebooter with 002 fix???

    has anyone try´ed to edit the "menu rebooter" (not the menu patcher from waninkoko) with the 002 fix??? i have tryéd yesterday but it will not work, but im not realy a coder. the rebooter works fine after insert the source for 002 fix but i get the same 002 error :-( if had anyone a working...
  4. NeoRame

    Hacking NeoRame´s BackupLauncherChannel Wii-ish Update

    Ok, guys i have updated my Wii-ish styled BLC´s. All channels are with "002 FIX", Autoboot, Button "1" config screen, AND Ocarina i have test the 002 fix with NFSU and it works. The Pack included: Autoboot Gamma BackupLauncher channel Wii-ish style V.2 002 FIX Autoboot Gamma BackupLauncher...
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