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  1. TSP184

    PS1/2 No sound when playing Klonoa 2 on HD Advance 2.1

    Hello. I tried to play Klonoa 2 - Lunatea’s Veil using an HD Advance 2.1 disc, and the game runs fine. The only problem is that there is no sound from the game, except for the music and the characters speaking during cutscenes. I tried every mode, but nothing worked. Does anybody know what the...
  2. TSP184

    ROM Hack [Release] Undub of EVERY Ace Attorney title on the Nintendo DS

    Hello, everyone. I've wanted this kind of ROM hack for a good while now, and since I discovered that making an Undub of a single Ace Attorney game isn't really difficult, why not make one for all of them ? Everything is in the title : I have restored the original Japanese voice clips of every...
  3. TSP184

    GCN Editing .h4m files' audio, is it possible ?

    Hello. I've been trying to edit the .h4m files of Megaman X4 on Megaman X Collection : my goal is to replace the audio with the one from the original Japanese version on PS1, since the American dub is pretty bad. Although, I've only been able to extract the audio as .wav files using...
  4. TSP184

    ROM Hack Moonjump cheat code for Mario & Luigi Dream Team ?

    Hello. I'd like to make a moonjump cheat code for Mario & Luigi Dream Team (EUR), but I don't know how to make one. Unless a cheat code already exists for this, could someone explain how to make one please ?
  5. TSP184

    Homebrew How to play PC mods of GC on Nintendont

    I want to play a mod of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle with Nintendont, but the mod is for the PC version of the game, is there a way to convert the mod as a .iso file ? There is the mod :
  6. TSP184

    ROM Hack How to swap Animations of two Model files (.BCRES) ?

    Hello, I am trying to make a Super Sonic mod on Sonic Generations 3DS by erasing Super Sonic's animations and importing Sonic's gameplay animations and renaming the edited S.Sonic file to Sonic's Gameplay file (Sorry if it's confusing), however, I couldn't find any way to swap the animations and...
  7. TSP184

    Hacking How to use YSMenu on R4I SDHC Dual-Core 2015 ?

    My 3DS is on 11.8 with the latest luma update and I want to use my R4I on it, but when I load it, it softlocks (I think) on a black screen with written on it "Loading...". I tried puting the kernel on my Micro SD, but it didn't change. Some people told me to use YSMenu to make it work, so I used...
  8. TSP184

    Homebrew How to download Usagi 3ds Theme Editor ?

    I want to make a custom theme for my 3ds but when I try to build the .sln in th zip folder, I can't find it Am I doing it wrong? Or if I didn't searched correctly, where can I find the files in question ?
  9. TSP184

    Homebrew SSB4 Crashes if enabled game patching in luma

    I want to use mods on SSB4, but when it loads i get a crash. I happened to find out how to fix this crash (title says what to NOT do to prevent it), but I can't use mods if game patching is disabled. Can someone tell me how to fix the crash ?
  10. TSP184

    Homebrew Questions About ModMoon

    There's some things I need to know about ModMoon since I just got it and some mods don't work (Mr.L, Jet Set Sonic, Mewtwo Armored (all of them),and others). Those were made for Salty SD, so can someone please tell me how I use them with ModMoon ? I might also ask some more questions later in...
  11. TSP184

    Homebrew How to use SysUpdater on O3DSXL 11.8 ?

    I want to mod SSB4, so I read some guides to mod it (, for example), and when I went in github to downoad SaltySD, it was only for 11.7 firmware. When I searched ways to downgrade my 3ds to...
  12. TSP184

    Homebrew How do I play SSB4 on Hans ?

    I downloaded Homebrew on my O3DSXL with update 1.1.7 and when I try to play SSB4 on Hans, it freezes when I try to play solo or multi, can someone tell me how to play it without any freeze ?
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