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  1. MatrixMaster3

    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    If I win, I'm aiming for... well just email/pm me to confirm. :]
  2. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

  3. MatrixMaster3

    DS #DSi 0131: Pokémon White Version (USA)

    Ohhhhhhhhh sh*t! n00b rush a'comin'!
  4. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    I noticed that after the first slide, when you make the correct choice, it doesn't show the result and moves on to the next slide with no transition. I didn't check out the older versions, yet, but is that just problem with this version?
  5. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    You gotta say what happens when you tell him to throw up in the Dixie cup.
  6. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    I can create a buffer story to get the main character in jail. THIS STORY GOES IN BETWEEN ron975's STORY AND obito's STORY. RANDOM ASCII ART HERE. You decide not to leave your precious R4OMGWTF behind and attempt to make a run for it. Where do you go? CORRECT:
  7. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    Oh, forgot about that. My b.
  8. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    Don't forget you get away because the police let you off after Another World comes, then you buy ice cream, and catch a criminal. Are we now ignoring the teleportation through microwave? Because we could have a splinter-story. Only if Rydian wants to add it. He said only one storyline, though...
  9. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    I think he said most of the art isn't in it yet.
  10. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    Alright, I shall come up with something soon.
  11. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    Nah, just frustrated bc I wanted to write a part. And I did add the /rant haha
  12. MatrixMaster3

    Homebrew RPGtemp

    None of these even match up with how Kurisuellegarden's story ends. You go to your house, then you remember your work is closed, then you go down a path to a cave (Kurisuellegarden's story), then you're all of a sudden in a car fighting a burly guy? Then you're back in the car which now breaks...
  13. MatrixMaster3

    Hacking Team Cyclops Forum down again?

    I've tried to go to the TC forums for the past two days, but get a problem loading page on Firefox. Server problems? Or is it something with my computer? Can anyone else confirm this?
  14. MatrixMaster3

    Hacking FYI about website

    I might be wrong, but I think I saw that they deleted that subforum the day before they closed the forums for "updates." I might have just skimmed over it by accident, though.
  15. MatrixMaster3

    Hacking Database Error

    I'm getting the same thing after being able to access it for two days with "no-www." trick. I doubt they're taking it down to stop the bitching about an update, that would just insight more complaints. Your first argument seems more plausible. Or maybe they're changing the site and taking a...
  16. MatrixMaster3

    Hacking Team Cyclops - Are they gone?

    Hey, I haven't posted here or the TC forums in a long while, but I've been following this pretty closely. I didn't get to go on the forum when it came back up, but I'm glad they even decided to post an update. They usually do, but as with this fiasco, wait for weeks before updating you on the...
  17. MatrixMaster3

    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    The site looks very nice. Better than most other flashcart vending sites if I may say so myself. I can definitely say that when I get a DSi this July, I will highly consider buying a flashcart from KickGaming. I hope your site the best!
  18. MatrixMaster3

    Duckslinger r49

  19. MatrixMaster3

    Duckslinger r49

    It's for the DS.
  20. MatrixMaster3

    What? DealWoot is evolving! *Update*

    The name change definitely is much better, and I wish the changed site the best in luck in getting new customers!
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