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  1. dragonkid6

    Hacking [Q] How do I install paid Dlc when using Loadiine?

    I have DLC for some games that I play using Loadiine. How would I install these dlc or updates? I own Sm4sh and my Wiiu is on 5.5.1
  2. dragonkid6

    Hacking Possible to combine 2 saves?

    I have 2 copies of Super Mario 3D land, each game has one save on it, I want to know if it's possible for the saves to be decrypted and then combined into one save so I can then sell the left over game?
  3. dragonkid6

    Gaming Extra 3D Classics Kid Icarus redeem code

    So, BestBuy gave me 2 3D Classics: Kid Icarus redeem codes and obviously I only need one. What should I do with my extra code? EDIT: ended up selling it
  4. dragonkid6

    I got a nook tablet

    I just got a nook tablet for Christmas, me and the misses, and rather than get 2 micro SD cards I want to unlock the 12gb on the nook on my PC. Does anyone have any experience with this or knows where I can look?
  5. dragonkid6

    Hacking Metroid Prime Trilogy and multiplayer, need help

    I haven't seen any new topic on this (all from last year) but has a fix for the MP2 multiplayer come out yet? Well for USB loader.
  6. dragonkid6

    Gaming Why is the cheat database so old?

    Did they database just stop getting updated or has it moved to a new site or something? Even the database from my Acekards update is the old one.
  7. dragonkid6

    Gaming Update your Pokedex3D

    There is a little eShop notice saying to update your Pokedex3D, the update it just a pause button for all the pokemon you currently have. The update said that if you obtain new pokemon you have to re-update to add the feature to the new ones.
  8. dragonkid6

    Gaming I need friends for my 3DS

    Games I have: Samurai Warriors:Ch - Lost LoZ:OoT RE:Mercs3D I'll also add you Mii and you can add mine if you want.
  9. dragonkid6

    Gaming The eShop is offline?

    Is it working for anyone else in the US?
  10. dragonkid6

    Gaming Bring back Bloody Roar

    So I was just sittin' here thinking up a good fighting game to play and of course none on the DS and 3DS got BlazeBlu so I was looking at my PSP and I decided to grab Bloody Roar2(self converted) and I'm like, "Why didn't this game make it thru?". I mean MK "WAS" good, these days the MK'ness is...
  11. dragonkid6

    Hacking Wii wont read disc error 1208

    So my friend(neighbor) has destructive kids, he's always going thru games so I started backing them so they can ruin the backups instead. His system is on 4.1U and I have darkcorp installed so that his girls(5 of them) can just insert and play. But while he was playing CoD:BO his Wii suddenly...
  12. dragonkid6

    Hardware Good place to order 3DS stuff

    Like if I wanted an aluminum protective case or screenys. I use DX, have been for almost a year but I hate the time it takes for stuff to ship. I'm open to trusted sites from Tempers. Plz help.
  13. dragonkid6

    Gaming I don't have eyestrain but...

    The world seems to have less color and even tho we live in the 4D(if you didn't know, look it up), It's like the world doesn't pop out as much. And when I look at 2D, such as my laptop, my mind seems to push icons in 3D and it's really starting to trip me out. And no I don't smoke or anything...
  14. dragonkid6

    Hacking Media Go and micro sd

    So Media Go creates a Medio Go folder on any flash medium attached while the program is running. Obviously I don't need such a folder for my micro sd used for my DS. So, as I delete this folder it tells me there is an error and the folder is not an existing file type and so i hit skip and then...
  15. dragonkid6

    ROM Hack Is there a high speed processing cheat for Diamond/Pearl... the one for Soul Silver and Heart Gold?
  16. dragonkid6

    Gaming Just bought a 25th Ann. Red NDSiXL and a Blue NDSiXL

    I ordered my flash carts back in the beginning on Dec. same with the 2 DSs. My Red DS had 1.4 and my GFs Blue DS came with 1.4.1. I had read that the Acekard 2i worked on 1.4.1 so i went ahead and updated mine..... When the flashcarts came on Dec.29th they did not work, i found out how to...
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