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  1. TheBaron88

    Hacking Question how to install splitted nsp´s on hekate?

    right click on the folder, select properties, click advanced, then check the archive option. I haven't done this myself, only heard that that's how you do it.
  2. TheBaron88

    Hacking Zadig Driver Installation Error

    I've been trying to install games larger than 4gb on my switch sd card, so i started following a tutorial. I have goldleaf 0.5, but when zadig tries to install the driver, it says driver installation failed. I am ready and willing to try any other nsp installation techniques that allow for files...
  3. TheBaron88

    Hacking Tinfoil games not opening

    I've been able to download NSP games fine on tinfoil, and they've showed up as proper games, however when i try and open them while on airplane mode, it gives the error that "please only use airplane mode when is is needed" or something along those lines. If i switch to wifi, it starts to open...
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