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    Hardware PSP E-100X (AKA PSP Street) Backlight dead

    Hi there, I have a PSP E-100X with a faulty backlight, tried new screens in it and same issue. Console is on, sounds and if you look closely you can see the screen. (Just not backlit) I assume the fuse has blown, any idea where it is?
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    Hardware Any way to unbrick PSP E-100X (AKA PSP Street)

    Have two of these that are bricked, power on and show a green light but no response from the console. Any way to recover them?
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    Hardware 3DS - Powering on, solid blue light. No life.

    Issue is definitely with the mainboard, placed it into another working system and the same issue is there. Powers on with a solid blue light. Screens don't come on, no wifi indicator and can't enter recovery mode. Seems like a bricked system? Anything that can be done with it? (Don't have a...
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    Hardware 3DS - Not powering on, no blue light at all. No water damage.

    Hi all, I've repaired a few 3DS consoles recently but come across another today that looks immaculate. No signs of drops, no water damage. Looks brand new on the outside and inside! Problem: When plugged in the charging light comes on then off a few seconds later. The power button gives no...
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