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  1. spkatsi

    [Save request] Super Mario 64 DS (120 /150 stars)

    Any .sav file I can use? 120 "classic" stars collected so I can focus only on the 30 new stars. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! I have collected 120 twice on N64 back in the day... tried and abandoned this DS version back when was launched... got 120 stars again for the 3rd time on...
  2. spkatsi

    Switch ports for classic Doom and Quake

    Is there any list of which ports are available? I am looking to play games that have options for both gyro aiming + angled weapons. Either official release, or via a mod, or a homebrew port. Thanks for suggestions!
  3. spkatsi

    Gaming List of GameCube games already on the Switch

    We all hope for things that are not there but today let's appreciate what we already have. Let's try to compile a list of games released on both consoles. Asterix & Obelix XXL (fun, like quality BD comics) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (this is not a turned-based game so it's safe to...
  4. spkatsi

    Gaming Any first person shooters with old-school aka "Legacy" controls?

    Any FPS games on Switch that allow players to configure controls as in image above? Hello all, first post and I am aware that most of you hate the subject. Unfortunatelly for me it is not a matter of convienience, it is a matter of all FPS that I have tried been completely unplayable for me...
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