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    Hacking Do I have a bad drive? Or is the Wii corrupting it?

    (Like I said in my last post) I'm modding a Wii for my friend, I put games on the USB they bought (SanDisk Cruzer Glide 128gb flash drive) using Wii Backup Manager, launch a game and everything works fine. Until I go back to the wii menu to load another game, and USB loader GX can't detect it...
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    Hacking SSBB is the only game that doesn’t launch

    So I’m modding a Wii for my friend and they want SSBB on it. So I download it using (insert well known place to download games), used Wii backup manager to put it on my usb, which is formatted as fat32, then I go to USB loader GX, I launch it and nothing happens, it just stays on a black screen...
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