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  1. jucaa

    Homebrew How to capture Switch gameplay?

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to capture switch gameplay (for more than 30sec) without a capture card? Like some way to transmit the image to pc. I want to record some pokemon battles and upload it.
  2. jucaa

    ROM Hack Pokemon SW/SH Pkhex questions

    Hi guys, need help with something. I have a cartridge for Sword, which i play online in Sysnand, I want to use pkhex and edit some pokémon in that save. So, i need an advise on how should i proceed to extract that save in emummc, edit on pkhex, and then later import it again to play in sysnand.
  3. jucaa

    Gaming Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny models

    Have any of the shiny models been leaked?
  4. jucaa

    Hacking Question System update message on EmuMMC

    I hacked my switch yesterday, and i had the new system update dowloaded on stock firmware (but i did not update, it is on version 8.1). The EmuMMC was created with this system update downloaded as well. And the message appears everytime i try to run an application. I tried to enter maintenance...
  5. jucaa

    Hacking Cartridge dump vs eshop dump

    Is there any difference between installing a CIA dumped from the cartridge and one dumping from a digital game? Like, is there a chance of ban by playing a game that was dumped from the cartridge, since lots of people will be playing with the "same cartridge"?
  6. jucaa

    Hacking R4i 3d flashcard not working anymore

    I have this flash card from title and it works on my DS no problems, and used to work on the 3ds when it had the support for the fw. Now that i have luma + A9LH, i tried to use this flashcard but it is not being read by the 3ds anymore. Wasnt luma supposed to allow any flashcard to work?
  7. jucaa

    Homebrew Save_manager Pokémon Moon problem

    So far i have used profi200's save_manager to import and export my save file from Pokémon XY and ORAS. I tried to use with lurantis Moon leak and it still worked. Today i got the freeshop version of Moon. Now when i boot save_manager and choose pokémon Moon the 3ds freeze with the bottom...
  8. jucaa

    ROM Hack Pokémon Moon PkHex problem

    When i open the file in PkHex, some pokémon Met Location becomes "-------". Anybody knows why PkHex is replacing the original Met Location or some solution to it, maybe an update? I'm using the version they posted early yesterday.
  9. jucaa

    Hacking Small 11.2.0-35 update problem

    Hey guys, Today i updated my O3DS to 11.2.0-35U. I have A9LH and Luma installed, everything went fine, Homebrew Launcher auto downloaded new payload, no problems. But now when i turn on the 3ds, the image on both screens takes about 5 seconds longer to appear, i can hear the sound of the menu...
  10. jucaa

    ROM Hack Skylanders games Save Request

    Can someone that have the Skylanders games cia load some skylanders in a new file and extract them? In Spyro andventure and Giants you can load 2 skylanders, and from swap force on you can load all your skylanders. I prefer to start playing Spyro's Adventure. The user DarkCrudus made this...
  11. jucaa

    Hacking R4i3D 2012 update to 6.2 firmware

    I got a r4i3d from It's the 2012 version, on the website it says that they stopped production and now they only support the 2013 version which play in a 6.2 3ds. My question is, is there some way to update the 2012 version to play in a 6.2 3ds? Here is a picture of my...
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