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    Hacking Restoring Nand backup with a burnt fuse

    I have an unpatched Erista on Firmware 11.0. Was running SX OS without using emuNAND. I installed Atmosphere recently and it works well. Still no emuNAND. Still Firmware 11.0. I want to setup emuNAND and upgrade to latest firmware with Atmosphere. I have a NAND backup on Firmware 4.1.0...
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    Hacking Restored my NAND and stopped my Joycons from connecting wirelessly

    Had a corrupt SD card, decided a good time to start fresh with Fat32 and Emunand. Restored Nand backup of 5.1 firmware. All good. Then updated to latest firmware Fat32 using Choi Nx. Everything is good except I've just discovered my stock joycons no longer connect wirelessly. They work fine...
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