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    Gaming A band that had a music clip featured on 1st generation of PSP

    There was a sample UMD that had a bunch of demos and music videos, perhaps it was on that? Music Previews :: Coheed and Cambria "Blood Red Summer"; Crossfade "Cold"; Kasabian "Club Foot"; Omarion "O"; Petey Pablo "Vibrate"; Silvertide "Ain't Comin' Home"; Three Days Grace "Home"; The Zutons...
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    Hardware What should I do with my bricked O3DS?

    Sell it for spares and repairs. Personally i'd buy a faulty O3DS from fleabay that I know the motherboard is likely OK. And swap it over.
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    Hardware Overclocking SD card

    Only by replacing the components, and that wouldn't be overclocking as overclocking requires you to run the existing hardware at faster speeds... Would be like saying i'm going to overclock my pc by replacing the CPU...
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    Hardware PSP E-100X (AKA PSP Street) Backlight dead

    Found it here:
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    Hacking PSP 3000 or PSP GO

    Yes I believe so, check this post. The second post someone confirmed from 6.61 to 6.20.
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    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    Above 6.20 there is no permanent.
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    Hacking PSP 3000 or PSP GO

    As yes sorry up to 6.20 Firmware is, but anything higher isn't IIRC.
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    Hacking PSP 3000 or PSP GO

    Yes, all firmwares up to and including the last 6.61 are hackable. Although the CFW on the 3000 series is not permanent, you need to run a 'Fast Recovery' application any time you cold boot the PSP (Powered off completely) but that only takes 5secs at most.
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    Hacking PSP 3000 or PSP GO

    I have one adapter that takes two 64GB micro SD's. Using Class 10 90mb/s cards. Can be a little slow to load the list of games but not horrific. I mostly use a different adapter that takes 1 64gb micro SD as find it's a little faster and more reliable.
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    Hacking Cannot play PSX eboots

    Haha might just take you up on that! PM me a price and if you have any pics of it :D
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    Hacking Cannot play PSX eboots

    That's so bizarre! Wish I could get my hands on it, love a good challenge! :D
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    Hardware Overclocking SD card

    Don't forget the link!
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    Hacking Cannot play PSX eboots

    What memory card are you using by the way?
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    Hacking Cannot play PSX eboots

    Honestly sounds like you have dodgy eboots that aren't working. I've done the above process to at least 20 PSP's (For customers) in the last month and never come across that issue. I have eboots of the entire PSX library and haven't seen that issue happen. Go to emuparadise and then ROMs, ISOs...
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    Hacking Cannot play PSX eboots

    Try this, i've added the right seplugin files + the latest 6.61 update + Pro C2 files. 1) Wipe your SD completely first. 2) Copy the folders in the zip to your root of the SD 3) Next run the 6.61 update 4) Finally run the Pro Update. Should...
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    Hacking PSP hacking/modding F.A.Q. (Start Here!)

    I don't believe so, but it's 5mins max to update to 6.61 Pro-C2 if you want to. auto i've yet to purchase a 200x series that wasn't able to install perm CFW. And i've purchased easily 50 over the last few years. (I Sell them)
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    Tutorial PSPeed off with wonky controls, all the FAQs don't work!

    3 Replacement sticks?? It's not the stick then, most likely the little conductive pad that sits below the analog stick. (They look like the below)
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    Hacking Reinstall CFW?

    True, if he hasn't got CFW installed properly it'll all show as corrupted files. Was just suggesting he reinstall it :-)
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