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    ROM Hack 60 FPS Patches/Cheat Codes Releases and Discussion

    Is there a way to patch the recent released Gematsu Fuma Den undying moon ? The remake is a great Dead Cells clone but... the input lag on it running at 30fps is unbearable *NVM someone already did it!
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    Hacking Is there any way to transfer saves from a regular PS4 to a jailbroken PS4?

    with the new 9.00 jailbreak I have the same question... Using an account on PS5 but I wished I could "copy" the saves to a JB PS4. Anyway to do that without getting screwed/banned?
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    Hacking Atmos working but weird "failed to run tsec firmware -6" after update

    Well well, "downgraded" to 19.5 and... it worked! So I went and updated to 12.1,0... and gee at first it went to boot, and reboot... and reboot... and finally it worked. Everytime I update this thing I gotta knee and pray. I'll settle with this one then. Thanks a lot!
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    Hacking Atmos working but weird "failed to run tsec firmware -6" after update

    The last one on github! Really? I'm kinda afraid to do since once you go up... can't go down easily. I'm on the "if it's working, keep it as is" team, but... sooner or later some stuff wont run anymore on 10.2.0 I guess all the keys, tsec, prod, sig and stuff are too complicated for the...
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    Hacking Atmos working but weird "failed to run tsec firmware -6" after update

    Not an expert, I'm still at 10.2.0 and want to update to 12.1.0 Updated Hekate and Atmos but not the firmware... when I first boot into Atmos it gives "failed to run tsec firmware -6 Press power to reboot" error, but still boots into Atmos. Some games are not working now. Before updating the...
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    ROM Hack Request/Question/Perhaps just mere curiosity: Toggle Motion Controls

    (Actually "momentary") Motion Control is a great feature for shooting mechanics, everyone agrees with that, specially since most games have awful analog input lag for aiming. It does not substitute a mouse, but is pretty close to it sometimes. However, keeping the hands steady is also an...
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    Hacking RELEASE NXController - Use PC keyboard to play Switch games (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)

    Finding this made me think... I always wondered if would be possible to make an universal controller converter totally by software, using PC as router (like many of these third parties adapters, but in software form)
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    Homebrew Discussion Confirmed: Mario All Stars 3D Collection have 3 emulators

    Why people think that ports in general are better than emulation? Emulation is the aim for, not ports. If you can emulate the damn thing well, why would you port it? It's counterintuitive. Back in the day ports were necessary because emulation was nearly impossible. I'm actually surprised...
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    Hacking Question Switch 10.0.4 - Atmosphere 0.13.0 Blue Screen?

    Man I really have to lose the habit of trying to staying update... Again, did everything okay, checked everything... I was using God knows what Atmosphere + Hekate version (firmware is 10.0.0), and made the mistake of trying to update to the latest one Now it just reachs the "Atmosphere" screen...
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    Hacking Question NSP install and corruption problem

    Short Story: SD Card got corrupt, restored everything to Latest Atmosphere + 10.0.0. I'm trying to no success now installing Esprade, a game that I legit own. Already downloaded sig/ex patches to no avail. Ripped my own game cart (it was factory sealed!), and nothing. Can't install the thing...
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    Just throwing this out... Wouldn't be possible a plugin to manage mouse input by emulating/tricking analog and/or gyro movement?
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    Homebrew WIP ioquake3-nx - an ioquake3 port

    Thanks. I managed to make it work by setting Pitch to a positive value and Yaw to a negative value, while also setting "invert mouse" under the in game menu. Didn't manage to win a Hardcore match yet though lol. Using -50 pitch and +80 yaw for fast movement. Great stuff. The joycon (attachable...
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    Homebrew WIP ioquake3-nx - an ioquake3 port

    I'm sorry to bump this but... Could you please confirm what setting under q3config inverts the gyro aiming? I tried removing the "minus" under pitch and yaw parameters to no luck and I ran out of ideas.
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    Homebrew RELEASE sys-clk under/overclocking sysmodule

    Hmmm... nvm, I installed a newer version of the editor app and now it's working, thanks!
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    Homebrew RELEASE sys-clk under/overclocking sysmodule

    Sorry, but, I'm using the latest version of Atmosphere... Already copied contents from "titles" to "contents" folder, but whenever I open Sys-clk editor, the controls don't do anything Now, I was using SX OS... and I migrated the emunand to Atmosphere, so, could be that? 9.1.0 btw.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 60FPS mod

    Thank you SO MUCH for that. This one and Doom are amazing now. Surprisingly my battery didn't take the hit I was expecting so... perfectly enjoyable. I hope I don't fry my unit tho lol. Btw, for some reason I had to force it through ReverseNX to work, even if I was using handheld already :s
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 60 FPS hack

    Dude have you look into Call of Juarez that released recently? Would be possible for unlock 30fps limit?
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    AAHHHH Thank you so much for that! You're the real champ. I wonder if someone could port it over to PSvita as well... but that's another thing...
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Oooo, I see :/ It doesn't work under Psvita also... Would be great to play since you can Fast Forward loading times, and the arranged music on CD is a bliss.
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Could someone please confirm if Neogeocd works under FBA neo? Tried everything i Could to make it work but it simply doesn't boot. Not compatible, perhaps?
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