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  1. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking owned DLC locked to region of game? (Mario Kart?)

    Hi all, I've just exploited my WiiU today with the guide, and going through the motions of testing backups etc. I own Mario Kart 8 + the double DLC pack (UK version) From what I understand, it should be fine for me to backup the DLC to be used as its tied to my Wii U. What I'm wondering...
  2. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking Quick Gateway updating question

    Hi all. soooo, I got the Gateway card quite a while back, and put whatever was latest on at the time, either 1.0 or 1.1 by the time it arrived. Anyways, I've only recently had chance to actually play it lol, and now that I've finished with the game I was on, I'm planning to pop another one...
  3. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking broken r4i from zhuzhuchina :(

    How annoying, Previously I ordered the R4i, which was delivered on the same day the website 'said it would work' on the 4.0.10 I updated at the same time....which then turned out to actually mean "it would work when we release the update" after the waiting game...
  4. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking GC games in CFG USB Loader, and seperating multigame GC isos

    Hi all. I never realised til now that you could launch GC games from USB loaders. My wii still has a chip installed which could play GC game backups on it via disc, but it is softmodded too (recently updated in past couple of months). I prefer to use Configurable USB Loader for my games...
  5. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking DS Lite broken hinge repair question

    Hi all. Ok so I've got a black DS Lite, and ages ago, the hinge on the black plastic snapped. Wasn't a problem in itself...but now my son has broken the touch screen which basically doesnt work in the centre on ebay I've bought a replacement touch screen and replacement shell for...
  6. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking what is cios_fix for exactly and why won't the bugger install?

    Heylos..... okies so I ran from a 3.3E box, following a guide guide to get the homebrew channel etc working, downgrade to 3.2E and install starfall I managed to downgrade to 3.2E, install Homebrew Channel, Gamma Loader etc no problem.....however the step it says to install cios_fix simply...
  7. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking Confused on which solderless bundle I need to order

    heya there, ok so I bought my Wii today (£150 on offer at Asda Living stores at the moment until tonight only). I've had plenty experience with modding 360s (but just soft flashes etc) I'm now just looking at the different modchips and my mind is blowing a gasket It doesnt help when things...
  8. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking moonshell on SCLite for 1st time

    heya, ok so I downloaded Moonshell 1.4 from the website, and extracted it. Looking through the guide the guide refers to an older version which has a different setup layout. Anyways, I click setup, choose English, then choose H: being my memory card mapping name. Now on the Rom Image section...
  9. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking uick question before I go ahead with Flashme

    heya, I have in front of me the Superpass 2 and a Supercard SD card. I intend to flash my friends old DS later tonight, and my newly bought Lite shortly after. The superpass 2 is used with Nintendogs Chihuaha uk version (ad2p). It has not yet been programmed with the programmer for nintendogs...
  10. Midnight Tboy

    Hacking Superpass 2 - work on a black DS Lite?

    Hi there, I've got right here at the moment an old Superpass 2, and a newly bought Supercard SD. These actually belong to my mate, I had to go pick him up a new supercard because the plonker spilt red wine on his old Supercard CF. Their DS is the regular DS (I dont have my friends DS with...
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