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  1. bazzi_h

    Hardware - EZ4

    I'll right to the point. My EZ4 just died last week and I want to get a new one. The only website I could find that stocks them is 0shippingzone. Is it okay to buy from them? I just want to know if they are legit and reliable. Thanks! Here's the link for the EZ4...
  2. bazzi_h

    Eid Mubarak!

    To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the glorious day of Eid ul Fitr. Happy Eid everyone!
  3. bazzi_h

    Gaming PSP repair service?

    Does any know a PSP repair service in the UK? The conductive strip underneath the right direction key seams to not work, and my PSP is on permanent right, so the is no way to navigate through it. I've opened it up and cleaned it out but it still doesn't work. Can any one off me some advice and...
  4. bazzi_h

    Hacking Transferring savs on to AceKard RPG

    Well I just got my AceKart RPG today but there's a problem. HOW DO YOU TRANSFER SAVES FROM ANOTHER CART. :'( I got to replace my M3 DS Simply but have no idea how to do it. I read that it would do it automatically but nothing happened. Someone please help! Thanx I Advanced
  5. bazzi_h any good?

    I just saw an Acekard R.P.G for £47.99 at and thought id buy it, trouble is i've never heard of the website site. Can any one tell if it is a reputable company that you would recommend
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