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  1. iamatmylimit

    Translation Riivolution patch: Earth Seeker English translation for Wii (100%)

    I got the V.01.03 BETA but when i loaded the game it says V.01.02 BETA at the first screen. The translation does indeed work on an actual wii with wiiscrubber method. I only saw wierd text when i didnt have a nunchuk plugged in at the beginning.
  2. iamatmylimit

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered now has a release date

    really excited for this one. really liked the card game and junction system.
  3. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Not64 Update

    I've been using Not64 daily as well as other friends of mine. Always checking out the improvements. There's a lot of interest in this program. To be honest i was checking the github daily to see if/when there was an update. Appreciate all the work you've done on this program.
  4. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Snes9xGX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    zopenko has been doing most of the snes9xgx wii emulation stuff lately so maybe he knows whats going with the compile?where the errors are coming from I mean.
  5. iamatmylimit

    Hacking Cfg USB Loader 70r78.10 released

    Thanks WaveParadigm that fixed the main problem I had with the gamecube settings not being saved.
  6. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew VBAGX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Thanks for the update, everything works great.
  7. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Snes9xGX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Thanks for the new build. I Check this thread almost everyday. lol
  8. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Genesis Plus GX SVN Builds

    I'd like to see a "bigger" preview window like the other emulaters.
  9. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew New VBA GX fork (2.3.0)

    Games play fine. Save Snapshots also work. preview screen shot option works if using an old settings.xml. preview screen shot option does not work if using a new settings.xml. using old settings.xml
  10. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Snes9xGX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    I tested the Zelda IQ on the new zopenko builds and it didn't work but it may not be worth it to go through so much trouble for one game that is unpopular or even known. @sindrik Nightmare busters (zipped) does work on zopenko's build in the first post from days ago. the only game that...
  11. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Help setting up ISOs for WIISX

    folder structure. all unzipped. both located on sd card. if you are using an external drive/usb stick it should still work.
  12. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew Snes9xGX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    If you download from the link you'll see both files are included (emulater compiled) + source . Thanks Burnt Lasagna Been waiting for this update.
  13. iamatmylimit

    Homebrew FCE Ultra GX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Works perfect. For those having trouble getting the images to show correctly the image should be .png, image size should be 256x240 and image should be named same as the game ex... fceugx\roms\contra.nes = game fceugx\covers\contra.png = cover Last step is load up the program on the wii,go...
  14. iamatmylimit

    Sony E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    I think E3 died after like 2004,back in the day when they announced games the crowd went wild and we had crap video/audio back then yet people still went crazy. Now 10 years later we got all this HD nonsense and audio technology that can pickup ant farts and when someone announces a game its...
  15. iamatmylimit

    Gaming Persona 2: Eternal Punishment - Time for a Fan Translation?

    I would imagine extracting the script from the psx version is more difficult since there is less documentation.
  16. iamatmylimit

    Hacking Naruto Collection (GC) Includes GBA Emulator

    Im not sure if they were injected. Someone here im sure has more knowledge on this than me. Thanks for sharing the info on the game. I was one of those not aware of this game,i was only aware of the naruto 2 demo (u) which i cant even find on ebay.
  17. iamatmylimit

    Hacking Naruto Collection (GC) Includes GBA Emulator

    That is interesting but not new. The gamecube The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 2 disc were supposedly running off nintendo "built" emulaters/emulation. So a built in GBA emulater for a gamecube wouldnt be new as a n64 emulater/emulation (what the...
  18. iamatmylimit

    ROM Hack Cross Treasures Branch Translation

    @Auryn At least you agree with me that there are indeed more people asking for tools/editors/extracters etc (wether they ask for it because they are lazy or clueless to programming is another story) and also thats exactly what i said,you got 3 translaters fast (or so called translaters) but they...
  19. iamatmylimit

    ROM Hack Cross Treasures Branch Translation

    Maybe its just me then,i tend to see more members asking for tools or asking someone to code this or that program but i rarely see someone being asked to "revise this script or fix this word" outside of said project. Also i noticed a programmer can make a text editor and without a human...
  20. iamatmylimit

    ROM Hack Cross Treasures Branch Translation

    ya doesnt look like anyone has it. Looks like ill have to look into the game myself. By the way some people just want tools/save states etc to use on thier own free time,its not always the case that someone is trying to start a big project and open a thread to translate/work on an entire game...
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