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    Take-Two Interactive hits indie game It Takes Two with trademark claim

    Reminds me of that time King tried to trademark the word “candy”.
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    Anybody here know about Email error 550: Service unavailable?

    This is possibly a question for another forum on another site, but given the number of tech savvy folk here, I wonder if anyone can help me out... I’ve had an ongoing issue with a company of solicitors who misused my personal data. I’m chipping away at it, but they’re dragging feet and making...
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    Rare gaming accessories you own. Good and bad ones.

    I’ve got a joy con that doesn’t drift.
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    French court rules that Valve must allow for Steam users to resell their digital games

    I’m finding it hard to read these comments from folk who seem desperate not to have any rights as a consumer. If you buy something, you should own it and if you own it, you should be able to treat it like any other item in your possession. Netflix etc are subscription based and it’s fair enough...
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    Super Nintendo games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

    Always figured this would happen 12 months after launch, meaning people need a new incentive to buy another 12 months, and that incentive needs to be a pretty big one considering the dross they’ve been drop feeding their customers lately. Thanks so much for donkey Kong 3, by the way. The game I...
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    Nintendo gives a 30-minute look at The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening remake at Gamescom 2019

    Nintendo are space saving ninjas. There’s bound to be a reason for it; I’m guessing sound files.
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    If mass shootings happen or just some horrific act.. blame games and anime.

    Video games are widely available and played throughout the world in countries that don’t have a gun problem. The one variable that sticks out a country mile when comparing the USA to other (pretty much ALL other countries) countries without an epidemic of mass shootings, is the 2nd amendment...
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    Milk is bad for you

    Calcium doesn’t affect how tall you grow! It’s mostly genetic.
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    Nintendo Switch Online NES games for August 2019 revealed

    Almost a year since online launched for switch. They don’t have to try any harder until subscription renewals drop.
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    Milk is bad for you

    Or if you have an allergy to casein. If I consume a moderate amount of dairy, my throat will swell up and I’ll slowly die whilst dancing about the place pointing frantically to my neck, gradually turning a shade of blue that only sonic the hedgehog would think is healthy. Other than that my...
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    Comment by 'auntnadia' in 'I am haunted by UK geography'

    @FAST6191 Isle of man isn’t part of the UK believe it or not. It’s self governing with crown dependency. It’s all a bit confusing!
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    Comment by 'auntnadia' in 'I am haunted by UK geography'

    Think I should point out, as nobody mentioned it, that Scotland IS in the UK. So is Northern Ireland. I think people are confusing UK as being England only. The full title is “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. (In case of further confusion, Great Britain comprises of...
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    EA defends lootboxes by calling them ethical surprise mechanics, and comparing them to Kinder Eggs

    I remember kinder eggs. They’re the massively overpriced chocolate that houses a crappy plastic toy. They had limited edition runs which would always have a rare one, so you’d need to keep purchasing the same thing over and over to complete the collection.
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    Comment by 'auntnadia' in 'Screw monopoly...'

    Here’s the full story....
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    Comment by 'auntnadia' in 'Screw monopoly...'

    You mentioned Monopoly is a critique of the culture, which is correct. For those that don’t know and are interested, the game was created by a lady who was against the capitalist/monopolist ethic and it was made to show people what eventually happens in this kind of environment and how we get...
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    Hardware Good budget monitor with HDMI for a laptop (graphic design)

    Thanks so much for this. I know zero about monitors, but looks like the Dell ultra sharp range will suit my wallet better. She can deal with the calibration I’m sure and even if she can’t, it will be a big step up from her laptop screen. Thanks again.
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    Hardware Good budget monitor with HDMI for a laptop (graphic design)

    Looking to buy my partner a monitor to connect to a laptop via HDMI. She’s into graphic design and says the most important thing is the colour being correct. Looking to have my cake and eat it, as far as possible. So what are your recommendations, without spending too much cash? Cheers.
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    Bethesda blocks sale of used game, claims it was to "protect buyers"

    This was never anything to do with the way it was listed. That’s nothing more than a technicality, because they know the guy isn’t doing anything wrong. It’s none of the publishers business what people do with their own physical property. Bethesda have been moaning about the second hand market...
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    What Went Down During Trump's Meeting With The Video Game Industry

    Mary Whitehouse (80’s British conservative politician) did the same thing (compilation of violent scenes) in the UK to promote censorship of movies, which resulted in much overhype and the infamous “video nasties”. Most of those nasties are now freely available completely uncut and often...
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