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    Zombie thread, RAAAGH

    It was an unboxing video, he literally unpacked it and turned it on :o
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    Zombie thread, RAAAGH

    Maybe you'd like to check out his youtube too, don't think this guy would bullshit me :)
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    Zombie thread, RAAAGH He's also a game reviewer etc so I'd take his word as truth
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    Zombie thread, RAAAGH

    Yo peeps, someone on my twitter got hold of the UK version of the new 3DSXL this is their firmware version: 9.4.0-21E
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    Fight button working on my acekard. No exp which I already knew. Just gotta sit and wait
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    It's working on my Acekard 2i
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    Gaming beyblade metal fusion offical thread

    Yay got it, anyone know if it is working fine on acekard 2i with the lastest AKAIO
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    Gaming beyblade metal fusion offical thread

    Can somebody please pm me the link if they have it
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    Gaming beyblade metal fusion offical thread

    Cant find it :/ A bit gutted after my fav site stopped doing NDS roms.
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    3DS could feature automatic firmware updates

    I bought a flashcart for 1 reason, and that was to pirate games, i have no intentions on ever buying a game for a handheld console, hell i dont even buy android apps i get cracked ones. I only buy games for 1 console and that is my xbox
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    AKAIO v1.7.1

    You mean our LEGAL backups of game's we already own
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.7 and CBDS

    I love CBDS one of the best homebrew apps IMO
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    AKAIO 1.7

    Thanks for the update akaio team
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    What about firefox
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    Free Comic Book Day - Saturday May 1st

    Stores in the UK are doing this also
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    Hacking Urgg.

    Game kool is cool, got my ak2i 7 days after ordering.
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    Hacking files for AK2i do i need all of these?

    Yes, just copy the aio folder to your microsd card.
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    Hacking where should I purchase My acecard2?

    Got mine from gamekool, took 7 days and everything works fine
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    The Dubstep uprising.

    Anyone realised how dubstep has exploded in popularity in the past year, when i started listening is was all underground and was never played in daytime radio, now i hear dubstep on radio 1 in the UK, and also its getting very popular on youtube. Does anyone think that dubstep will start getting...
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    Homebrew Acekard 2i movies

    Used moonshell to watch flashforward on, played perfect
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