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    Hacking AK2 newbie having AKAIO problems

    just got the AK2 and am damn excited to use the thing with AKAIO but I can't get it to work properly with AKAIO. When I turn it on, it has a blue screen on the top and its black on the bottom, also every time I try to enable the start menu to switch skins it just freezes. I am using all the...
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    Hacking SDHC? whats the news?

    I have a defective cycloDS and I was wondering if I should get the R4, wait for the m3dsReal, or get the supercard DS one. I like the R4 because its cheap and has cheats and stuff. but I would really like to have SDHC support, is there any news on the R4 getting it or was that just a hoax? I...
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    Hacking I think my cyclo is busted

    I have had it for a little over a month and now my DS doesn't recognize it sometimes, sometimes it hangs at the loading screen, sometimes it hangs loading a game, sometimes it loads the game but freezes, and sometimes it works fine. But the my DS is starting to not recognize it at all now. I...
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