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  1. spkatsi

    [Save request] Super Mario 64 DS (120 /150 stars)

    Any .sav file I can use? 120 "classic" stars collected so I can focus only on the 30 new stars. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! I have collected 120 twice on N64 back in the day... tried and abandoned this DS version back when was launched... got 120 stars again for the 3rd time on...
  2. spkatsi

    Methods to install SplitXCI files from the SD in Atmosphere? Awoo Installer not working

    I had the same problem and couldn't find any solution to directly install from xc0, xc1, etc. I started joining back those but was painfully slow. So... I went with the easy solution and "re-dumb" the majority of what I needed.
  3. spkatsi

    Emulation Emulator What is Dolphin best experienced in 2022? Switch Ubuntu L4T, Lakka or Android (MMJ R)?

    Those PAL games play quite well on Android with the right settings: Pikmin 1 Pikmin 2 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Kirby Air Ride Luigi’s Mansion Tales of Symphonia Wario World Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  4. spkatsi

    Homebrew DS(i) NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Need some help with the initial setup of TWiLight Menu++ on The error code is "couldn't find _DS_MENU.dat" Nintendo DS Lite - 2GB SD on FAT16 The thing is that I just got the "R4" clone from aliexpress so I don't know which product I own. I have followed steps 1,2,3,4,5 of the guide here...
  5. spkatsi

    Nintendo Switch firmware 14.0.0 released, finally adds folder support

    I will wait for the stable versions
  6. spkatsi

    ROM Hack EdiZon Cheats Always On!

    It stills bugs that Edizon-SE destroyed my Doom Eternal save file and who knows which other save file... Is there any alternative cheat application we can safely use? Attached is my system settings file, placed in correct folder and Switch has been reset after editing this. For the science...
  7. spkatsi

    What after boot.dat?

    If not already solved, I would try SX gear. SX_Gear_v1.1
  8. spkatsi

    Gaming Immortals Fenyx Rising

    Immortal Fenyx Rising Button Remap (Switch) First hours in the game and I spent most time fighting with the HUD and controls. I found other control remap guides to be half helpful but not to the point. So I am giving my configuration to save your time and your sanity. Navigation Jump - B Drop...
  9. spkatsi

    Tesla menu not working

    Could you also try if it works with the Switch undocked?
  10. spkatsi

    Switch a good emulator hardware?

    +1 for Switch. Plays natively all Nintendo latest games, while other hardware options do not. BTW yesterday I used Switch Android and went with a complete playthrough of Pikmin 1. (Pro Controller, Docked, Pal version, Max Performance, Vulkan, x2 resolution and used AR code for widescreen)
  11. spkatsi

    Homebrew RELEASE AmiiSwap - Amiibo switcher/manager for Emuiibo

    Yes that would be Emuiibo (requires Tesla) Tesla Menu + nx-ovlloader (both are required) ovl-sysmodules (helpful companion) Emuiibo (& Emutool is also helpful by generating amiibos on Windows) Amiigo (helpful companion and generating amiibos on Switch)
  12. spkatsi

    Homebrew NXMP Nintendo Switch Media Player

    I just realized... The sum of All Images = 2.5% of the total files size while the single Font = 97.5%. :huh:
  13. spkatsi

    Homebrew NXMP Nintendo Switch Media Player

    Light Theme Description A NXMP light theme trying to match the Horizon's respected light theme. Light SP V1 is tested and working on NXMP v0.6.2 Rev 1(Nightly Build) Minor issue: During playback -> right sidebar the text is not that easy to read Theme Installation Extract the zip file...
  14. spkatsi

    Homebrew NXMP Nintendo Switch Media Player

    Dark Theme Description A NXMP dark theme trying to match the Horizon's respected dark theme. Dark SP V1 is tested and working on NXMP v0.6.2 Rev 1(Nightly Build) Theme Installation Extract the zip file (path is specified in archive) NXMP Settings -> Themes -> (select the theme) ->...
  15. spkatsi

    Homebrew NXMP Nintendo Switch Media Player

    Added images for dark and light themes in previous post.
  16. spkatsi

    Homebrew NXMP Nintendo Switch Media Player

    Thank you both for all enhancements! As soon as theme support is ready, I send a dark theme and a light theme. Both will use icons above and both will try to match console OFW respected Light/Dark themes. If anyone wants to improve icons (or to just use them) message me and I will send PSD file.
  17. spkatsi

    Homebrew WIP EdiZon SE : Advance memory trainer and pointer seacher for switch

    I am also considering this a major issue. The default should be set to cheats = off Personally I have modified the file after RTFM but I did something wrong so still have the same problem. Possibly if I spend 30 more minutes then I can find what I did wrong . However just deleting all cheats or...
  18. spkatsi


    Nope, I do load Atmosphere directly without Hekate using SXPro dongle and SXGear. Edit: you are correct for an already loaded sxos. I was referring to SXPro dongle with sxos boot.dat removed.
  19. spkatsi


    I am not sure which sx menu you see(?) In case you haven't already, then download sxgear (very 1.1 I think) and add it to your SD root by replacing boot.dat (thus removing sx os).
  20. spkatsi


    You can either boot atmosphere directly or you can take an extra step and boot to Hekate (in case you are using an emummc for example). Just edit boot.ini with the filename of the payload you chose. If problems, post screenshot of your SD root filestructure.
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