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    Hacking Some help with old firmware

    Hi there, I just found my Xbox 360 again. and it still has the 1.4 IXtreme flash. but with all the new firmware and the nex xbox updates and stuff like that. i was wondering.. if i want to download and play the new games what are all the things i need to do, to my old xbox before i can go and...
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    Gaming firmware 1.4

    The thing is, i dont know when i last updated my xbox system.. i think the last time i updated it was for the new xbox dashboard not sure though and yeh i downloaded that 360wavespatcher, but i dont know if i have to patch the game to wave 1 or 2 or 3 haha.. i just patched bioshock 2 to wave...
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    Gaming firmware 1.4

    Hi there, i just found my old 360 back... and i would like to play some games on it... but as you can see in my description, it still has IXtreme 1.4 Software on it, and i dont want to flash it again... I do know that there are new wave securitys on the discs, but i know there are patches for...
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    PS1/2 Picture on PSN

    Hi, i got a PS3 and i wonder how you can put your own picture as an avatar or something, somethimes when i play Fifa 09 is see people with a picture of their own, is there som1 who can help me with this? Thx in advance
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    Gaming 360 Media Center Extender

    Got the same problem over here mate, only thing is i use XP , but cant get it to work. i Do think it has to be with my router. a year ago i did this aswel and it worken, only thing back then was that i was using the Xbox wirreles network adapter and a D-link router, now i use a router from my...
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    Gaming Flashing 360

    Hi, from my understanding, you can only flash your 360 whit an Via chipset or an Nforce chipset my question was, could i flash my 360 benQ wich has 1.41 (i think ) or 1.4 to 1.51 with an nForce 680i? thnx for your help!!
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    Hacking Making a DVD5 for SSBB PAL from the second layer

    I don't know why , but ive bought it for the wii cause i rly wanted it, but i couldn't play it , and i tested it at my brothers home aswel and he has a wii aswel and didn't worked there either, so i did the last update of nintendo there and suddenly it worked , i went home (at home i have a...
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    Gaming using a PAL 360 in Canada

    I know that but, it doesnt mean they are gonna be region free either, there is a chance that its going to be region free, but i wouldn't rely on that, thats 1 thing bether on the ps3 that its region free. and no I'm not a sonyfanboy, i dont have 1 sony system in my house, just saying that it...
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    Gaming using a PAL 360 in Canada

    Yeh they maybe be region free, but if you live in canada with a pal xbox 360 i don't think he is going to the mall buy a 360 game and hope it'l work now will he like you said not ALL games are region free. and yeh you can read pirate sources but if you look carefully you see games 2 - 3 times 1...
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    Gaming using a PAL 360 in Canada

    first of all canada rocks!!! second: you need a convertorer cause they have 100v i think and we use 220 so.. third: there isnt a freeloade, so you wil have to flash it so you can download regionfree games or pal(pal and region free are the easiest to find i think) or you have to chip in your...
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    Gaming Bought another 360

    I dont want to be a pain but al xbox 360's after 18-4-2008( so look at the back of your 360 at the date ) have a benQ lite-on drive and cant be modded yet so :s i hope for you it stil has the normal benQ
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    Gaming People that belive 360>PS3 please read

    have a 360 now hehe love it(and the price is good these days) , had a wii but sold it cause i was bored of it ... i wanted shooters, racers, .... some decsent games, so i have the 360 now modded it(cause i cant afford to pay 60€ for every game i want) and then there is the PS3... its a nice...
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    Gaming 360 crashin/freezing HELP!!!

    I'm srr for your RROD m8 , i got my xbox 3-4 months now, and i think its a great machine! but somethimes if my game lags i have to think about the RROD but hey care, aslong as i can play hope the next generation of xbox won't die so much and quikly ... they can call it the xbox TheyFixedMe hehe...
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    Gaming What are the odds of a 360 price drop at E3?

    The price olready dropped a few months ago ... i think 270€ for premium(+2games) and 200€ for core is good enough hehe the prices were 340€for premium here i think and 300€ for core
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    Gaming xdvdmulleter help

    Hi there i was wondering if someone could help me out with xdvdmulleter I downloaded it and have a GTA4 iso on my computer. the loading works and then i get the screen with the options and stuf Al the things at the rigth are marked, so do i have to do an insert of SS stealth patch or something...
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    Gaming To Rockband Or To Not Rockband?

    Dont get rockband, Guitar hero world tour wil be way bether than rockband
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    Gaming Which game should i get out of these?

    Wel if its for your sister , i dont think she is a big fan of shooters and racers(not saying she isn't) but if she isn't than i would advise you not to buy a 360 game cause i dont think there are 360 games for the non shooters and racer types
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    Gaming Rockstar code in GTA4

    ah ok , and yeh srr abbout the link :s, it was only to show you the post of the comments
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    Gaming Rockstar code in GTA4

    I was looking for the game on torrents cause on Rapidshare i only found NTSC/u and i need pal so i was on the pirate bay where i saw this DON'T LINK TO ILLEGAL FILES if you browse down to the comments somone who downloaded it got banned after playing online, cause it has a code that rockstar...
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    Gaming MS selling old consoles as 'new' in Europe - buyers beware

    uhm wel i nvr saw that pack, and i am in the city allot so... i even doubt it is true
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