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    Unmodding an Xbox 360

    Sure - just flash back your NAND backup you created while modding it. Finally remove the hardware mods (cables, diodes, resistors, modchips, etc.) and you are done.
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] How to flash the HWFLY Clone chips

    QSB = Quick Solder Board. The lite comes with 2 QSBs (or flex cables). One for the SoC and the other for the eMMC/NAND points (the smaller ones). Check the connections on the smaller QSB.
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    PlayStation Classics games reportedly begin showing up on PSN backend

    The japanese versions of the PSP games were called Ridge Racers
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    I think I found the exploit to crack the Switch on the 2nd model and possibly OLED

    Check this thread - ideas like this pop up on a regular basis here. After reading the whole thread, you might have fundamental idea of why your suggestion might not work.
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    Xbox 361

    All the ladies when you tell them you got a Xbox 361:
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    Upgrading bootloader Scroll down where it says "How to update".
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    OLED HWFLY fail to reboot to CFW

    Mariko is the name of the SoC, not the model. Aula is also running on Mariko.
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Is the payload written to an empty area in BOOT0? Or "somewhere" random, overwriting parts of it?
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Yes but is it not possible to read BOOT0 without the payload inside? Zero'ing the payload out while dumping BOOT0?
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    I mean adding it as an option in the toolbox. Isn't it possible to include an option to dump BOOT0 without the payload? I mean, I'm no coder but the toolbox already has the ability to read/write to and from the eMMC and SD, no? Reading BOOT0 from eMMC to the SD card w/o the payload inside...
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    The question is how he created a clean BOOT0 - restoring it is not an issue. It's a chicken and egg problem. To get the ability to dump something on a glitched Switch, the exploit needs a payload in BOOT0, which (afaik) is written once and not cleared after a successful glitch. So when you dump...
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Afaik the payload is written to BOOT0, which breaks the signature. The black screen indicates that the switch might be in RCM mode - you could check that with TegraRcmGUI. The process for Auto RCM is to "destroy" the BOOT0 signature, that's why it came to mind. The right process to remove the...
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    Hekate GB emulator?

    Damn never heard of this before EDIT: Wait ... this was announced April 1st ??? :hateit:
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    Hekate GB emulator?

    Is there a video where we can see it?
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    Switch OLED (HWFLY) not starting properly

    If his install is good and he updated the modchip, it shouldn't come back. Sounds all good so far.
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    Switch OLED (HWFLY) not starting properly

    I can't imagine that to be true. The 12 seconds thing is a hardware feature from the switch to do a hard shut down. But you shouldn't get a black screen to behin with. If your switch is showing nothing on the screen without a SD card inserted, your installer is using very old software. You...
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] How to flash the HWFLY Clone chips it is probably not the cheapest shop but it marks updateable chips as such, so you can't go wrong there.
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    ps5 power supply

    What's the point here? Is it a new PSU? OP might want to right two words about it :D
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    Switch OLED (HWFLY) not starting properly

    I would contact your installer - if it acts like this w/o a SD card inserted, then something is wrong with the installation.
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