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  1. gnimaG

    ROM Hack WIP Hyrule Warriors Savegame Editor

    Thank you for providing the searched offsets for the adventure map. After creating a new save and comparing it, i found that one tiny value that was haunting me and i could fix my save that way. ^_^ I attached the new saves i created and used in order to compare to my original save. Luckily it...
  2. gnimaG

    ROM Hack WIP Hyrule Warriors Savegame Editor

    Looks like i just locked myself out from playing the adventure map any further. Quite a while ago i used the editors features and unlocked almost every option on the adventure map besides 100%. After finishing the original story of legend mode, i started to play the adventure map for a bit to...
  3. gnimaG

    Hacking 2 Questions about the YSMenu

    Should work fine this way, at least it does so on my M3 Simply. I hope this helps you.
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