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    Buying DLC pack though 3rd party?

    I've used CDKeys to purchase the BOTW DLC as it was cheaper than most other places. It gets recommended on HotUKDeals frequently.
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    Hacking RCM Loader battery

    You'll need to solder it in. I'm absolutely crap at soldering and managed it as its only 2 wires. Note that the replacement battery may be slightly larger than the old one and you'll need to tape the outside case together as it won't fit in the case properly.
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    550 Error All FTP on Switch Latest ATM and Firmware

    Which FTP server are you using on the Switch? Have you set the username and password up for the FTP server as you cannot leave it as annonymous due to security reasons
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    controller stick drift repair Trimmer Potentiometers

    From the looks of it, it just seems to compensate for the drift. The issue is still there and will still get worse. Wouldn't it be easier to pry the holders open on the original sticks, clean the carbon tracks and replace the potentiometers. No soldering required. I get something like this...
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    Switch with SX Core chip. Can't inject payload with tegrarcm

    Where are you trying to install the nsp or xci files from? The SD card, USB drive or transferring from a PC?
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    Switch with SX Core chip. Can't inject payload with tegrarcm

    You can get latest fusee.bin file and rename it to payload.bin and put it on the SD card. This should then boot straight into Atmosphere. If you need to boot back into Hekate, just get the correct payload and overwrite the payload.bin
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    Switch with SX Core chip. Can't inject payload with tegrarcm

    The index to that guide is here: Just pick the guide for the Switch you have and follow it. It is generally not recommended to have the SD card as exfat as it corrupts more easily.
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Checkpoint 3.8.0 Released

    Checkpoint 3.8.0 has just been released: Checkpoint 3.8.0 Latest It has been almost two years since the last release. Finally, Checkpoint is ready for release again. Switch - What's new Fixed: Checkpoint is now compatible...
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    Switch with SX Core chip. Can't inject payload with tegrarcm

    I'm guessing you'll need to follow this guide to make use of SX Gear. Tegra won't work on a patched Switch.
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    Hacking Nsps don't work.

    Once you have sigpatches on the SD card. Make sure the Hekate ini file is configured to chainload Fusee or just inject Fusee at RCM (which is probably easier). Then you can install and use Tinfoil to install your XCI files. In Tinfoil, you can even install XCI and NSP files from an external...
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    Struggling to install gamecard - possibly SD corrupt?

    If you look at the wiki in the same place you got the patches, it'll tell you how to edit the ini file to chainload Fusee or add extra bits to get it working with Hekate. As you said, injecting Fusee is a lot easier.
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    Hacking Nsps don't work.

    The icon with a cloud over it possibly means you just installed the update rather than the base game. I've done it a few times myself
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    Hacking Installing Atmosphere with SX Core/Lite: Package1 seems corrupt!

    You will need to edit your hekate_ipl.ini as I don't think its been configured correctly. You can get the Fusee sigpatches from itotaljustice on github and then read the wiki part. It should help you with adding a link in the ini file to chainload Fusee
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    Need help with my Nintendo Switch

    I had similar issues with this. Did you happen to use sdsetup to get the Atmosphere onto your SD card? If so, in Hekate, there should be a link launch Fusee which chainloads the loading of Atmosphere and makes the sigpatches work. If you do not have the Fusee link to launch and got your...
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    What youtubers do you think are underrated

    I totally agree. I follow both his channels
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    Hacking 7.55 User Guide & Exploit Host Menu V4: now with added GoldHEN!

    You are connecting the PS4 to the ESP and not your actual AP? The connection details for the ESP device are: access point: ps4exploit password: hackmyps4 custom setting manual DNS primary DNS
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    Hacking [Question] Sending Payloads via Mobile.

    You can also find self hosting exploits that will initially run from a PC and then cache on the PS4 so then you don’t need to keep powering up your PC every time you want to For example, Prb does a good one that I have used...
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    Hacking Does anyone have an unhackable switch but is using the r4s dongle?

    Any RCM style exploits will not work on the new Switches as they are patched. Your only options are to either install a modchip or buy an unpatched one from places like eBay etc,
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