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    Homebrew PS3HEN Freezing and Softlocking HELP PLEASE

    So, i kinda screwed it all enabling the patches from psnpatch and now hen won´t stop freezing, it does enable, but after that, the fans go to a really alarming level and it either freezes on the web browser/enabler or the console gets softlocked (it does not freeze, but i´m stuck in the web...
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    Wii U Amiibo Emulation?

    So, i already saw the other thread, but it's now dead, i would like to know if there is actually a way to emulate Amiibos like in 3ds, without using Aroma, wich seems to be dead at this point, and also if there is a possibility to use a NFC compatible phone as the amiibos instead of using it as...
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    Game on nand and update on USB (or viceversa)

    Hello, i wanted to install The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild, but i ran out of storage, and now i don't have enough to install the update and neither the dlc, is it possible to install the update AND the DLC in the nand and that, with some sorta homebrew i could load them? (i have BOTW on...
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    I no longer have a gamepad, the problem is not and can't be internet explorer, all my games have either dlc or are eshop, so, after managing to get the homebrewing process automatically, i finally gave my friend's gamepad back, now, i only have wiimotes, so NO, I can't uninatall dpcs, because...
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    Hombrew launcher gamepadless?

    So, even if i managed to get a page that allows auto homebrew, my homebrew seems to load on Mii Maker, wich needs a gamepad, and so, it warns me that i need to use a gamepad, if i tap on "Quit", it opens a loader that doesn't recognize the sd card and if i tap on "Ok", it shows the message...
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    Homebrew [POST] Automatic Homebrew

    So, i already know that loadiine does this, but it freezes and deletes your ip, so i told my bro to help me out, and what this basically does is load´s payloader automatically in 5 seconds, allowing non-gamepad homebrew (obviously needed first), this is the page...
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    Hacking [REQUEST] Automatic Payload

    SO..., I know that Loadiine already does this, but if you do not use it for 2 days (i think), the automation process gets cancelled, and as i have to give my friend his gamepad back, i will not be able to reopen the website, and also loadiine currently freezes a TON, idk if someone around here...
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    Wii U games without gamepad usage?

    So, my Wii U came without a gamepad, wich was obvious due to its exageratedly low price, and asked a friend to lend me thiers, the problem is that rn i don´t have for a gamepad and i have to give him the gamepad back, so, before doing so, i wanted to know any games that allow playing without...
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    ARM9 Data abort help!

    Can anyone help me please?, the error occurs while trying to install Smash Controller via FBI, it installs uppon 22mb, its not the cia file as i used it on my new 3DS too and it worked, this is the full error: An Exception Ocurred Processor: Arm9 Exception Type: data abort R0 00000000 R1...
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    How do i fix this error?

    So, a friend of mine suddenly got this dump error, he says that it happens every time he turns on (boots) the 3ds, i had read it has something to do with updating luma, but I'm not that sure (here is the foto of the dump error)
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    Hacking Wii U w/ no Gamepad?

    So... i just bought a wii u without it's gamepad, and was not aware that i needed it for almost everything, i found a way to use my phone as a gamepad with homebrew but i cannot access even the web browser without it, is there any way or possibility to hack it without the gamepad? (I don't know...
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