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    Homebrew Change Region of 3DS?

    I've had a code for Pokemon Tretta Lab for some time now, and it was announced that it will be removed from the eShop this week. The code only works on the Japanese eShop, and I was wondering if there was a way to completely change my 3DS region so I can access the eShop? Or any other possible...
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    Gaming Demo Cartridge Forum/ Database?

    I am very interested in demo carts for games, preferably Nintendo ones. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good site for discussions of these types of demos. If there is a discussion even somewhere on this site, please point me towards it. I was also looking for a full database of demos. I...
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    Hardware 3DS update taking way too long

    I have been updating my 3DS today and the update has lasted for most likely over an hour now, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Is this normal? A little while back, I was upgrading to a larger SD card and accidentally deleted a few things off the SD card. Could that have an effect on this...
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    Gaming Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire e-Reader card pack-in

    I read somewhere online that some sort of e-Reader promo card was packed in with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Unfortunately, I bought my game many years ago and I have no idea where the original box is. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some information on this card.
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    Gaming Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Demo Cart

    I recently bought a NFR Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team cart off of eBay. Pretty much the cover art is different, you start as a Pikachu and you can only play for 10 minutes before it resets. I was just curious if anyone else has this cart, or other NFR carts.
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    Homebrew Corrupt Golden Sun sav

    I was playing a Golden Sun ROM on my Android phone and just picked up the retail game. Wanting to transfer my progress, I went to check out the sav but it somehow got deleted, leaving me at the beginning. I was hoping I could e-mail it to someone who could try and see what's wrong and hopefully...
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    Homebrew Converting No$GBA SAV to Flashcart (GBA)

    I used the Rudolph GBA back-up to take the SAV from my Pokemon Ruby, did some stuff with it on No$GBA and now I want to send it back, but it's too big. I did the Uncompress procedure but it's still too big. Is there a way to get it down to the normal 128 MB?
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    Hacking Is my flashcart dying?

    I was playing Pokemon and was looking at stuff in my box when my game froze. I decided it was no big deal and booted it up again. This time when I clicked on a Pokemon in my box it froze at a black screen. I tried one more time and this time the game wouldn't load. I tried other games too and...
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    ROM Hack Can't save when using Pokesav

    I've been encountering an issue where if I transfer a .pkm file to my game, it will freeze when I try to save. Fortunately, when I delete the Pokemon I can save again but it's really annoying. Does anyone else have this issue and if so can it be fixed?
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    Hacking How to change themes (N5)

    I know how to access the themes (if I enter the RPG folder they are all in another folder called UI) But I have no idea how to change the themes. Does anyone else know how to? It would help so much.
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    Hacking Freezing when saving in Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light

    I'm using an N5 flashcart and a patched ROM of Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light. But when I try saving the game freezes and doesn't save. Does anyone else have this issue and can someone help me fix it?
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    Hacking N5 Wood help

    I tried putting the latest version of Wood on my N5 flash cart. When I put in just the root file it changes the layout and whatnot and works fine, but when I put in the DS Menu file it goes into infinite loading and won't change until I reformat my SD card. I've heard it does work on N5 but...
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    Hacking R4 (or N5) infinite loading

    Hi guys, I'm new here so sorry if I do anything wrong. I decided to put this here because it's an R4 clone but if it goes somewhere else, my bad. Without further ado, my issue: I decided I wanted to update my firmware today, so I copied and pasted all the main files (system, DS Menu etc.) into...
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