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  1. messerchadger

    Homebrew Where did the title db on FBI go?

    I just cracked a new 3DS and I was in the latest release of FBI only to find there wasn't a Title DB option there. Anybody know why? How do I get to the titledb now?
  2. messerchadger

    Gaming The Wait Is Over; But I'm Afraid The End Is 'Nigh

    This should provide you with everything 3DS anyway. Mouse-over the downloads tab up top and click Nintendo DS Downloads to get a jaw dropping and obscenely massive amount of software! FILETRIP is huge and you will likely find things from all electronics that...
  3. messerchadger

    Homebrew SvSiP & The SMS Center are too OLD!

    SvSiP is a cell phone for your 3DS. SMS Center is a text messenger for the 3DS. Both were created approx. ten years ago on ARM7. Does anyone know of an updated release of one or both or these? I am currently running ARM 9 and ARM 11.
  4. messerchadger

    Hacking The Answer Is in The Cause; When Custom Firmwares Collide

    So there I was attempting to make the most badass pcsxe reality possible with my super tanked 3ds. I torrented games in all file extensions related to pcsxe. I was trying .bin , .cue , .pbp {(different pcsxe versions run different file extenisons.)] It wasn't loading the games so I looked up an...
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