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    Homebrew Something news from pcsx-revolution

    I make this post for this Seems firnis back to work on pcsx :yaywii: :yayps3: Someone knows how to code compile?
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    Hacking My experience Dios Mios Lite bootmii with ios

    I open this topic for share my experience with Dios Mios Lite r21 and if you add your experience with dios mios lite with bootmii with ios First my wii specs Wii 4.3U IOS 236 - 202 - 222 - 223 - 224 - 249 d2xv8b r41 DML r21 NeoGamma R9 b56 SDHC 8GB Class 2 USB HDD 250GB PSX controller With GC...
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    Homebrew GxGeo On SDHC!!!!!

    Good news GxGeo Work on SDHC: Wii 4.1U - SDHC 8GB Markvision - HBC 1.08 - IOS58 binaries files: test with samurai shodown 4, king of fighters 96 and waku waku 7 runs great but not gamecube controller support Update: roms 29mb no load
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