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    Can't enter RCM after updating stock firmware

    I did. Pins are all good and ribbon cable is connected properly in the switch itself. No trouble when pairing with a controller either. Indeed. Neither volume up nor down make a difference. Using the same USB cable and setup that worked last week did not help. Neither changing where I...
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    Can't enter RCM after updating stock firmware

    Have a modded switch, updated to 13.1.0 firmware, and now I can't enter RCM. Using a jig, but still nothing, it boots into the stock. Holding power/volume doesn't work. Just seems to be unmoved by the pleas of the RCM jig. Help? It's the exact same problem as this post where BDSwitch decided...
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    Can't enter RCM aftee updating to latest firmware

    Just wild that people don't do this. Love clicking a result on google that describes my exact problem only to find it was solved in secret.
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