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  1. -Smokey-

    Gaming Should I get a psvita?

    If you can find one at a decent price, in good condition then yes. The vita is what the PSP should've been all along IMO and it's fairly easy to mod and install CFW, just like it is on the PSP.
  2. -Smokey-

    Gaming is life.

    Gaming is life.
  3. -Smokey-

    PS1/2 PS2 softmod

    I still have a fat PS2 that I softmodded with FreeMcBoot. One of the coolest things I ever did with a console.
  4. -Smokey-

    [IDEA] Raspberry Pi over an Gameboy knock off

    If you have a case for it, I don't see what's stopping you from re-using the shell of that broken console and replacing the internals with a raspberry Pi.
  5. -Smokey-

    Pocketgo CFW v1.0 10/06-2019

    Does this custom firmware fix the screen tearing/slow down issues on certain games?
  6. -Smokey-

    Hacking Are all plugins like nonpdrm, SD2VITA, works on 3.72 and 3.71 h-encore 2?

    If you're able to perform the downgrade (wasn't aware there was one) There is really no reason to run anything higher than 3.68.
  7. -Smokey-


    Hey, I'm new here, I'm Smokey, i'm a gamer from the US. I've known about GBATemp for many years and realized I didn't have an account here yet so finally decided to make one. :)
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