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  1. MeowTheMouse

    Hacking Nintendon't questions.

    Hello, I've decided to try out Nintendon't, got a few issues and I have a few questions. SSBM MCE won't work. Did I do something wrong or is it an issue with the latest version? I had a noticeable amount of delay with SSBM using a PS4 controller, makes a game like SSBM unplayable. Is this...
  2. MeowTheMouse

    Hardware Anyone tried charging your WiiU pad with a USB cable?

    Been looking around the net for some USB charger to charge my pad, I don't want to use annoying power converters to charge my WiiU and being able to charge through the USB slots makes the WiiU more portable. I found this which is high rated, but the reviews lacked info about charge time and...
  3. MeowTheMouse

    Gaming SD card corrupted data.

    Hello, I have a 128GB SDHC card, I've been trying to download SMTIV from the eShop but when download is complete, I get an error that says that the game data is corrupted and I need to redownload the game. So after playing with the files for a very long time (copying and pasting between cards) I...
  4. MeowTheMouse

    Gaming Wii/GC ripping questions

    1- Whats the best way to check Wii game integrity? Is it 100% reliable? Wii back up manager is the best tool to check Wii game integrity. 2- Anyway to check GC games integrity? From the research I've done, GCM is the only way to check GC Integrity. If anyone knows an other tool to check GC...
  5. MeowTheMouse

    Giving away 4 copies of DOTA2

    Topic says it all, I will give it those who want it for them selves/friends not to trade/sell. Add me:
  6. MeowTheMouse

    Hacking Is the WODE still the best option to load USB Wii/GC games?

    I haven't been following the Wii scene in years, I just installed a WODE on my wii and lived happily ever after. My friend wants me to hack his Wii so I was wondering if it is still the best option. And can someone also please direct me to a good cheap site? I'm used to buying from modchip...
  7. MeowTheMouse

    Hardware Anyway to use a "foreign" Visa on eshop?

    Hello! Been trying to add funds to my eshop and it wouldn't just work, I don't remember it being this way years ago when I bought WiiWare games. I can't even find any site that sells eshop cards for a reasonable price Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. MeowTheMouse

    Gaming Anyone wants to trade steam games ?

    Steam games I want to trade: humblebundle1+2 steam code, which includes the following: Braid Cortex Command Machinarium Osmos Revenge of the Titans World of Goo + Ipad Aquaria Gish Lugaru HD Penumbra Samorost 2 supreme commander 2 + expansion swords and soldiers greed corp global agenda...
  9. MeowTheMouse

    Hardware I'm I the only one disappointed with the 3DS ?

    Note: THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD! When I saw that the 3ds has a screen rez lower than my phone (Desire HD), with low specs and smaller than DSiXL screens I felt that I'm going to downgrade instead of upgrading. I felt that the 3DS is out dated but this is how Nintendo operates, make them cheap...
  10. MeowTheMouse

    Need help finding the name of a old arcade game.

    Hello! My friend wants me to find him a old arcade game that he doesn't know its name, I've looked for it all over the net for it but I can't find it. So I thought maybe the good people of GBA temp can help me out !
  11. MeowTheMouse

    awesome pokemon art Enjoy !
  12. MeowTheMouse

    Pokemon Gen6 IRL!! BONUS!
  13. MeowTheMouse

    the coolest most awesome rom hack EVER
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    ............................. Posts merged dam how do u close a topic that u accidentally created ? x.x"
  15. MeowTheMouse

    Hacking Wode Questions

    Hello! I'm considering buying a WODE and I'm still not sure if I should. Yes I know there are a lot of topics about this and I know that there is Google but I need some advice ! So here are my questions: 1- How fast is it? Is it fast as USB loader gx? 2- Can I rip GC games with the WODE? 3- Can...
  16. MeowTheMouse

    [solved] Bad Shoptemp support ?

    Hello, I've ordered the following from shoptemp * 1 x Quality DS Lite Replacement Case - Zelda * 2 x USB charging cable for DSi * 1 x Tri-Wing Screwdriver for Nintendo Products & More * 3 x Supercard DSTWO Card for Nintendo DS, DS Lite & DSi I wanted to add R4 to my order so I clicked the...
  17. MeowTheMouse


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