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  1. EbraamMorcos

    PS1/2 Free MCBoot Install Service

    Does anybody still do this for USA?
  2. EbraamMorcos

    ROM Hack Inazuma Eleven 3 the Ogre - next : Open Translation

    shouldn't the final one be 1.0
  3. EbraamMorcos

    Inazuma Eleven Anime

    Hey guys this is going to be The Inazuma Eleven Q&A thread Any questions on any thing related to Inazuma Eleven will be asked HERE (Yes that means games too) And i will try to answer you guys as soon as possible
  4. EbraamMorcos

    Homebrew Wii Homebrew Essentials

    what was point of typing in it if it was a wrong thread
  5. EbraamMorcos

    Hacking Wii remotes won't sync

    maybe because that wii remote is too new try using an old one
  6. EbraamMorcos

    The 51st State

    that is actually true according to this the first sentence in the first paragraph says "The Puerto Rican population in the United States reached 4.2 million according to the 2008 American...
  7. EbraamMorcos

    Best YouTube videos

    best video i have seen in a while
  8. EbraamMorcos

    The 51st State

    Ok for the first post i said that because i wasn't convinced in the beginning and for the second post i know America is fancy and all but if i was born in a different country i wouldn't be that interested
  9. EbraamMorcos

    Homebrew [Essentials] Homebrew

    :bow: i bow down to whoever fixed it:bow:
  10. EbraamMorcos

    The 51st State

    how do you even know about Idaho and you live Croatia
  11. EbraamMorcos

    Homebrew [Essentials] Homebrew

    how do i do that
  12. EbraamMorcos

    Homebrew [Essentials] Homebrew

    the first post is too important to be messed up
  13. EbraamMorcos

    The 51st State

    okay guys you made me think and after all having isn't really that bad
  14. EbraamMorcos

    The 51st State

    i think its too much 50 is enough
  15. EbraamMorcos

    Wreck-it Ralph

    i want to see that movie badly REALLY BADLY
  16. EbraamMorcos

    Hacking USB Won't Load

    Hey guys my usb won't respond to my Wii(Black/4.3U)? What should i do?
  17. EbraamMorcos

    ROM Hack Inazuma Eleven 3 the Ogre - next : Open Translation

    Christmas just got better
  18. EbraamMorcos

    GameStop opening a kids-specific line of stores

    its true kids want mature rated games
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