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  1. g00s3y

    Why Do People Not Boycott Sony For Treating Customers Like Filth

    So OP, have you gotten rid of your playstation yet?
  2. g00s3y

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land has leaked

    I just played & beat it. SPOILERS Kirby makes to to Mordor at the end and fights Darth Vader for the rights to play as 007 in the next James Bond movie.
  3. g00s3y

    Have you upgraded to Windows 11 or plan to?

    Tried it, hated it. I don't want fucking emojis for copy/cut/paste/etc... "But you can make it look like OSX now" If I wanted a mac, I would buy a mac.
  4. g00s3y

    Need ESP8266 ROM For jailbreak 9.00 🙏

    You know how to read right? Did you read the video description where it gives links to everything you need? If you need to be spoon fed, go ask your parents.
  5. g00s3y

    'Death Stranding Director's Cut' for PC gets release date

    The game was fucking awesome. 74 total hours I had when I finished. I cannot wait to play again and possibly 100% the directors cut.
  6. g00s3y

    Things you recently bought or got

    Just going to drive around and do hoodrat stuff with my imaginary friends and son.
  7. g00s3y

    Things you recently bought or got

    No need to be paranoid about burn in unless you are deliberately trying to ruin it. I've got a 77" C9, use as my living room TV/PC gaming monitor. Been a little over 2 years and not one hint of it. You are going to love gaming and watching movies even more now!
  8. g00s3y

    Things you recently bought or got

    Tickets to AEW Revolution in March for me, my girl, and our son. Never been to a wrestling PPV in my life, this will be awesome!
  9. g00s3y

    "Real" Wii NAND.

    OP, use google and search the "world wide web", not GBATemp.
  10. g00s3y

    Team Xecuter's Gary Bowser ordered to pay $10,000,000 fine in civil case

    Oh no, someone who did something illegal got caught...
  11. g00s3y

    "Real" Wii NAND.

    OP clearly has never used google in their life
  12. g00s3y

    PlayStation executive fired after pedophilia allegations

    Good, fuck anyone who preys on children/minors/etc
  13. g00s3y

    What popular social media sites do you not have accounts on?

    I have IG & Twitter, if it wasn't for business, I wouldn't have IG. Twitter is useful for CS with companies, and getting free shit from time to time.
  14. g00s3y

    POV: You are on a date with Trump

    dates are required to be 17 or younger
  15. g00s3y

    Rockstar Games apologise for GTA Trilogy issues, relist original versions

    "it didn't launch in a state that matched our quality" THEN WHY THE FUCK DID IT LAUNCH AT ALL?
  16. g00s3y

    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond leaked online ten days prior to release

    Spoiler Alert! Ash dies in the end, along with Dumbledore.
  17. g00s3y

    Hacking Can’t get a refund after accident

    LOSE, not LOOSE And I have to agree, sounds like some kind of fraud, shady shit is happening. You don't just lose something like that...
  18. g00s3y

    Windows 11. Yay or Nay?

    If you are a gamer, hold off on upgrading, there is no point. If you have an AMD CPU, hold off on upgrading. If you only do office work, & have an Intel CPU, upgrade.
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