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    PSTV, no video output on a TV or via my capture card?

    So I've had a modified PSTV for ages and never had any issues with it, whether I was connecting it to my TV normally or using that HDMI 1x2 Splitter that everyone recommends in order to capture/stream via OBS. Anyhow, I recently dug it out of storage and decided to hook it up and that's where...
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    Hacking Nintendont not swapping disks?

    Hey everyone, So I am running Resident Evil - Code Veronica but when it tells me to input the second disk, it doesn't do it automatically and I am left not being able to do anything. Any suggestions?
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    Hacking How does Homebrew differ from Wii to WiiU?

    Hey everyone, I have been thinking about picking up a Wii U recently since my mate recently borrowed his console to me along with a few games, to see what I think of it and so far, it's a pretty fun console but... I have a Wii, got the Homebrew channel, emulators and allows me to play Wii and...
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    Hacking One out of my five games on "USB Loader GX" takes me back to the Wii Home Screen, why is this?

    Hi there, So I have five games currently on my external hard-drive and I have a PAL Wii. These five games that work are: Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen (PAL) Resident Evil 4 (PAL) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (NTSC) & The one game that boots back to the main menu is: The...
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    ROM Hack Does anyone know if Gyakuten Kenji 2 has fully been translated yet?

    I don't have much information regarding this game but does anyone know anything? Thanks for any help :)
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    Hacking I have a 2DS, just updated right now. What is the best flashcard I can get?

    Anyone care to help me out? Looking to play GBA and DS games and hopefully 3DS roms in the future! Quite new to using flash cards and any price is reasonable for me so fire away :) Also, any UK links to discussed flash cards would be a great help! As there are tons of websites and I am not sure...
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